Mar 162020


(Andy Synn has decided to collect in one place reviews of five recently released EPs that have provoked very enthusiastic responses. Lots of very good stuff here.)

After spending a significant amount of time last week covering some massive (some might say excessive) double-albums, I thought it might be nice to kick things off this week with a bunch of shorter releases, all of which sit somewhere along the ever-widening spectrum of Death Metal.

So whether you’re looking for something brutal and breakdown-heavy, something crusty and crushing, or something teched-out and transcendent, there should be something for everyone here. Continue reading »

Jan 082020


Alex Weber is a name that will already be known to many of you through his role as bassist (and a vocalist) of the progressive metal band Exist, as well as his session work and his live performances with other bands such as Defeated Sanity and Obscura. What you may not know, but are about to discover, is that Weber has also been devoting time to a progressive death metal project called Svengahli. That project is now looking forward to the March 6 release of its debut EP, Nightmares Of Our Own Design, and today we’re presenting the first single from the record — “Writing On the Wall“.

Before we get to the song — which is a kaleidoscopic marvel — it makes sense to learn about Svengahli‘s inspirations, as related by Alex Weber, and to identify the eye-opening group of guests he enlisted to bring the EP to fruition. Continue reading »