Dec 142020


(With gratitude to Comrade Aleks, as always, we bring you today his interview of two members of the Estonian band Takk, whose new album Põgenemiskatse was released in April of this year.)

Taak is a late incarnation of the first Estonian doom band, Dawn Of Gehenna (1993 – late ’90s). They returned back to Tallinn’s underground in around 2005 with almost the same lineup, song lyrics written in Estonian, and driving an updated sound. Keeping these features untouched, the men developed their approach and learnt how to extract crushing doomy tunes from their instruments with maximum efficiency.

Here is a story behind Taak’s new release Põgenemiskatse (“Attempt to Escape”), told by Mart Kalvet (vocals) and Kristjan “Christ“ Virma (keyboards, guitars). Continue reading »

Jun 022015


(This is the second part of a mammoth essay by our Russian contributor Comrade Aleks, who explores a variety of spiritual rituals and their connections to doom metal. Part One is here.)

Tonight we’re finishing our brief research of Dark Rituals performed by doom bands all over the world. In the first part of this article we took part in Voodoo and Aghori rituals with Pombagira and The Moon Mistress, we participated in Christian and Black Mass ceremonies with Griftegard and Hour of 13, and besides that we even visited the Sabbath in some godforsaken pub alongside Barabbas, we summoned Cthulhu with Arkham Witch, and spent the Beltaine feast with Serpent Warning and the Wakan Tanka ritual with Caronte. Is it too much? Not at all. I have a few more examples of how sacred, ancient, esoteric traditions of dark occult wisdom have been reflected in the music of modern doom bands.

Today Reino Ermitano, War Injun, Ethereal Riffian, Tenochtitlan, Alunah, Stangala, Matus, Obake, Taak, and the almighty Abysmal Grief lead us into the mystic realms of the unknown. And I must warn you once more – don’t even try to perform these mysteries at home! Continue reading »