Nov 212017


When last we visited the Russian atmospheric black metal band Taiga, roughly 14 months ago, their third album (Sky) was on the brink of release and we were premiering a track from the album named “Похоть“, which in English means “Lust”. Now Taiga are returning with a fourth album, and we’re again premiering a song, this time through a lyric video. This one is named “Стыд” (Shame).

The title of the new album is Cosmos, which might make you think of the vast mysteries of an endless, star-spangled void. But the concept here is an inner cosmos, a space in which anger, love, hate, decency, and other impulses and emotions orbit each other, colliding and exploding in ways that could lead to self-destruction, or to new heights of self-realization. Continue reading »

Sep 072016



Earlier this month we learned about a black metal band from Siberian Russia named Taiga and their third album Sky, which will be co-released on September 16 by Satanath Records’ sub-label Symbol Of Domination (Belarus) and United By Chaos (Finland). When we first wrote about the album, two songs had been released for listening — “Вверх” and “Небо ещё не погибло” — and today it’s our pleasure to bring you a third. This new song is called “Похоть” — which in English means “Lust”..

For those who aren’t familiar with Taiga, the band was founded in the city of Tomsk by Nikolai Seredov from the thrash band Стахановцы (Stakhanovtsi) and the funeral doom band Funeral Tears and by Andrey Chernov, guitarist of the military/martial industrial metal band Panzertank (although he was not involved in the recording of Sky). Since then they’ve released a handful of EPs and singles as well as two previous albums, Ashen Light (2014) and Gaia (2015). This year the band also added keyboardist and creator of ambient sounds Aleksey “Satanath” Korolyov, and he also participated in the recording of Sky. Continue reading »

Sep 022016

Brutally Deceased-Satanic Corpse


Last night and this morning I listened to all or parts of 21 new songs. Most of them I found in e-mails we received over just the last 24 hours, others from browsing my Facebook feed. Most of the bands I knew nothing about. With varying degrees of enthusiasm, I enjoyed 16 of them. What to do?

This is why these posts are tagged “Random Fucking Music”, because little more than chance determined what I chose to include here (as is often the case) — plus a desire for a bit of variety in the sounds while including some of those bands I’d never heard of before.


This first band I have heard of before, but haven’t thought about in years. In fact, the last time I wrote about them was January 2011 in a review of their debut album Dead Lover’s Guide, which I accompanied with photos of gigantic chainsaws. Instead of massive chainsaws, this time I have an image of one of Paolo Girardi’s most monstrous artistic creations, which appears on the cover of this Czech band’s new album, Satanic Corpse. Continue reading »