May 172010

The three of us responsible for this site follow Soilwork like a pack of hungry dogs after a meat wagon. We’re anxious for their new album, The Panic Broadcast (due on July 2 in Europe and on July 13 in America). We’re anxious for their appearance in Seattle on July 27 along with Death Angel, Augury, Mutiny Within, and Swashbuckle.

Basically, we’re just anxious. But to calm our over-charged nerves, Soilwork has just put up a new song from The Panic Broadcast on its MySpace page. It’s called “Two Lives Worth of Reckoning,” and it reminds us why we think Soilwork kicks all kinds of ass — galloping, howling metal infused with an infectious melodic chorus.

The Panic Broadcast is the first album to feature original guitarist, songwriter and producer Peter Wichers since his return to the band in 2008. And man, based on “Two Lives Worth of Reckoning,” he sounds like he’s in fine form.

Go here to stream that track. And check out the album cover above. Created by Bartosz Nalezinski, it kicks all kinds of ass, too.