Jul 292021


After a nearly six-year hiatus the Spanish extreme metal band Thirteen Bled Promises are returning to the field of battle with a new label and a new EP of hybridized head-spinning hostility. The name of the EP is Foundation, and it’s not only the cover art by Martin de Diego Sábada that’s alien, as you’ll discover through our premiere of an EP track named “A Humanless War” in advance of the record’s release by Lacerated Enemy on October 22nd.

As the new song vividly demonstrates, the music on the EP is like a double helix of sounds whose genetic material is made up of nucleotides from technical death metal, black metal, brutal death metal, and deathcore, and features an unnerving amount of dissonance and discord in addition to a merciless degree of rhythmic and vocal punishment. Continue reading »

Oct 202015



This winter Thirteen Bled Promises from Madrid, Spain, will release their second album through Blood Fire Death. Entitled The Black Legend, it will function conceptually as a prequel to the band’s debut album Heliopause Fleets that traces the origins of our planet to the 16th century.

The sci-fi themes that provide the backdrop for the band’s music have been worked into the video we’re premiering today for a song from The Black Legend entitled “Biblephagy Slender Phytobezoars”. Continue reading »