Apr 302019


Two years ago we had the pleasure of premiering a track from Inconnu, the second album by the Maryland black metal band Thonian Horde, which was released in September 2017 by Grimoire Records. That album proved to be a huge eye-opener for this writer, featuring the kind of surprising and multi-faceted music that stretched the boundaries of black metal without losing touch with the more feral and ferocious through-lines of the genre. It was thus exciting news to learn that Thonian Horde would be returning with a third album, and here we are again, grateful to be premiering a track from it.

The new album, Downfall, will again be released by Grimoire Records, with a due date of May 24th, and the song we’ve got for you today is “Cathedral Spire“. Continue reading »

Sep 052017


The Maryland black metal band Thonian Horde’s self-titled first album arrived last year as an independent release, and they’ve wasted no time readying a follow-on — but this time it’s coming our way via Baltimore-based Grimoire Records, with the recording and production work handled by Grimoire’s main man Noel Mueller. The new album is named Inconnu, and in advance of its September 22 release we’re bringing you the premiere of a track from it called “Five Rivers of Hades“.

For those who are just now discovering Thonian Horde, it’s a band whose members honed their chops in other groups before joining forces in this new horde, but the music of their other projects wouldn’t lead you to expect the trails they’ve chosen to blaze here. Continue reading »