Dec 032015

Three Eyes Left - 5


(Comrade Aleks brings us this interview with Andrea from the Italian band Three Eyes Left.)

The angry guys from Three Eyes Left will teach you how to worship Satan through unholy acts of headbanging under heavy and driving doom riffs! This outfit from Italian Bologna started its work in 2004 as a trio: Maic sings and plays guitars, Ste is responsible for drums, and Andrea is a bass-player. So since the band was born, the guys have released three full-length albums; the latest one was put out by Go Down Records in May 2015 and it wears the name of Asmodeus demon. This record is the first part of trilogy; I’ve had a conversation with chief demonologist Andrea and he reveals some aspects of the Three Eyes Left iconoclastin cult.


Hi comrade Andre! How are you? What’s new in the Three Eyes Left camp?

We are writing new material for the next chapter of our Demon Trilogy that began with Asmodeus and we’re trying to do our best with old songs for the next live concert. It will be somber and doomy like hell. Continue reading »