Dec 212014


(One of my favorite albums of 2014 is Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet by the Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade. I asked Semjaza, the man behind the music, if he would share with us his favorite music of this year, and he agreed.)


When Islander invited me to do a 2014 favorite music list of mine, I thought instantly about what I needed to hear from new releases.  Concerning black metal in 2014, as a LHP practitioner and a diehard black metal enthusiast, when I hear about spiritual black metal I demand real devotion towards the black arts. Too many people are poisoning this divine artform with their pseudo-occult imagery, their zero knowledge towards LHP initiation, their posing like they found the Lapis Philosophorum, and of course their zero musical talent. It is better to openly admit that you are dabbling with the occult or write about a random retarded theme, than to approach the currents with the least of devotions. It is not a matter of spiritual or aesthetic preferences, it is a matter of honest expression; I can tolerate a band’s choices when they are honest artistic expressions even when I do not agree with their concepts, but I highly despise the followers who are trying to steal the flames of genuine Luciferian art in order to receive scene points.

In order for a release to be included in my ultimate playlist, it must either be a genuine approach towards Luciferianism or a new Iron Maiden release. Malkuth needs more music to transfer LHP knowledge to the listener, to make him/her comprehend that there is a hidden potential via the acausal link that opens the path towards Chaos, godhood, and Self-preservation (onwards to the Black Sun). Music and especially the black metal genre can aid the eradication of pre-determined ego-based notions by the awakening of the black flame. This is not an exaggeration but rather my life story, since heavy metal & black metal were for sure really crucial for my own awakening.

The social environment carefully boycotts those of the blood by making spiritual superiority look like psychological illness, but those few who possess the sinister flame know what they search and how to find it. To those few, the mundane achievements are nothing but mere illusions that can be easily reached with little effort since the will to become more than human is always more demanding and contains more value than any mundane aim. This doesn’t mean that I solely listen to strictly occult oriented music since music many times may act as a reflection of the artist when it is an honest expression. Continue reading »

Nov 192014


Musical inspiration comes from a wide array of sources. Taken as a whole, it reflects all life experiences, emotions, and thoughts, from the most mundane to the most mystical. In the case of the Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade, the music emanates from a desire to invoke Chaos through the unleashing of Lvciferian energies.

It exists as a spiritual devotional, as a path toward self-realization, as a channeling of dark, liberating powers to listeners enslaved by a materialistic world, with each song — the music and the lyrics — constituting a ritual for the summoning of arcane forces. Thy Darkened Shade is a bringer of Promethean fire, the stunning music a means of achieving transformation.

To be clear, I’m not saying I personally know all of this to be true (though the ritual character of the album, beginning with its brief introductory track, is hard to miss). Instead, I’m trying to summarize what I’ve read in interviews of Semjaza, the man who created all the music on their new album Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet (with others participating in the vocals and the drums) — one interview we published (here) and an even more involved one here. These explanations manifest the inspiration for this music.

As for the music itself, one need not be as serious a student of the occult as Semjaza (and he is quite serious indeed) to appreciate the remarkable achievement of Liber Lvcifer I. You just need ears to hear, an open mind, and a lot of time — because there’s no way you’ll be satisfied listening to this 78-minute opus just once. Continue reading »

Sep 292014

(Our interviewer KevinP produced the following fascinating discussion with Semjaza, the main man behind the Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade, whose new song “Saatet-ta Renaissance” we premiered earlier today — here — and whose new album will be released on October 31 by W.T.C. Productions.)

K: So we are coming up on the release of your second album. For those people who heard the debut, what can they expect, and for those completely new to the band, what are they going to experience?

S: The experience depends on the eye of the beholder, however, I am sure that those with hearts of Fire will experience the same Luciferian energy invoked for the debut, but this time we are even closer to the source, the Waters of Nun. The manifestations of the Devil are many and His names countless, we will capture as many as possible in our albums.


K: I’ll admit to not being all that interested in lyrical content (for the most part) but that seems to be a huge part of what you are doing here.

S: Yes, our art is not one-dimensional since we invoke Chaos. A synthesis of lyrical, musical, and visual art amongst others that can be translated into mantras, sigils, postures, and invocations for those who have the will to gaze beyond their mundane life and evolve. In fact, we are aiming to express our black flames sonically. It is therefore, a mirror of ourselves and represents the will of our Gods as we experience it. Continue reading »

Sep 292014


On October 31, 2014, W.T.C. Productions will release Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet, the second album by Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade. In due course, you will hear much more about this album at our humble site. For now, it is enough to say that it’s absolutely stunning — one of the year’s best.

Today we have two teasers for you: In this post we bring you the premiere of the album’s eighth track (of 11) — “Saatet-ta Renaissance” — and then a bit later today we will bring you a fascinating interview with the band’s main man Semjaza, an interview that will significantly affect the way you hear the music. But the music comes first.

“Saatet-ta Renaissance” is one of this massive album’s longest songs. As it moves from entrancing acoustic strumming and choral chanting into an abrupt explosion of blistering fretwork and blasting percussion, you may experience a feeling of disorientation — and that feeling may be enhanced by the warm bounding bass notes and the rocking back-beats that come next, or by the variance between primal clawing growls and clean-voiced proclamations that give life to the lyrics. Continue reading »