Mar 212016

Tormentium-Bound To the Depths


On the first of February we brought you the premiere of the first single from the debut album Bound To The Depths by the veteran Oregon black metal band Tormentium, and now we bring you another — a song called “Coils 1: Void of Muse“.

As the track’s title suggests, it’s the first part of a story told in three songs that closes the album. As the band explains, it “deals with the narrative of an estranged artist who finds his only inspiration from a mysterious entity beyond the world of the living, in Lovecraftian fashion.”

The lyrics, written from the artist’s perspective, tell of “the vision that crept from the void and found me beyond the walls of sleep,” its “slithering tentacles” coiling his brain, inspiring “a composition of ravenous haste gravely depicting the doorway to death”. Continue reading »

Feb 012016

bound to the depths cover art


Tormentium have been poisoning the Pacific Northwest for more than a decade, cascading Cascadia with their own preternatural darkness through a sequence of demos, splits with Infernus and Cult of Unholy Shadows, an EP (Cursed Beyond Flesh), and live assaults. On March 25, Exile Music(k) will bring us the band’s debut album Bound To the Depths, and today we bring you the premiere of a song from the album named “Fallen (In Defiance)“.

The band have explained that Bound To The Depths “is a large body of work with a loose subjective theme: where the ‘depths’ represents something different in each piece… your inner demons, desires, convictions, and damnations. The lyrics are mainly story-like narratives, reflecting these themes through characters, and ultimately reflecting metaphorically through the listener. The album as a whole flows like a story as well, guiding the listener through the aether of darkness to events of rage, insanity, and sacrifice.” Continue reading »