Feb 112021


Turris Eburnea is an experimental death metal band consisting of vocalist/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Gramaglia (Cosmic Putrefaction, The Clearing Path, Summit) and bassist Nicholas McMaster (Krallice, Geryon, Edenic Past, ex-Castevet). Simply seeing those two names joined together is enough to generate a mix of curiosity and excitement. The music they’ve made together in this project, as it turns out, is both utterly fascinating and so twisted and discombobulating that it may feel like it’s flipping your mind upside-down and turning it inside-out.

We’re told that the band’s self-titled EP, which consists of four tracks, “was conceived and raised during the Covid-19 silent and desolating confinement periods”. It will be released by Everlasting Spew Records (CD and digital) on March 15th, with vinyl arriving later, and it comes with these words, which perhaps capture its inspiration:

“…Memory fades and time seems to stretch into a slow infinity, an emotional or existential dissociation, a mind/body separation, a disappearance of individuality into an undifferentiated mass… Like a post apocalyptic world suspended in an ethereal silence.” Continue reading »

Jan 092021


I’m wimping out today. I hate to let even a weekend day go by without spreading around some attractive new metal, but I’ve had to pay attention to my day job all morning (it doesn’t observe weekends any more than I do at NCS), and I’ve got to go back to paying attention to it again soon, so I can’t pump out the usual stream of words about the following selections.

Also, with so little time to myself this morning I was only able to just scratch the surface of all the new songs and videos that surfaced over the last week. Fortunately, these few scratchings turned out to be very good, and they all clawed right back at me.


Song: “Anchoress In Furs
Album: The Thule Grimoires
Label: Ván Records
Release Date: February 5th
Pre-order: https://van-records.com/Preorder_1 Continue reading »