Nov 162013

(TheMadIsraeli quickly reviews four new releases that deserve attention.)

Time for a round up of some shit that I’m sure some have missed or will miss when it comes out.


We’ve mentioned Tyrants Blood (which includes former members of Blasphemyonce before on this site, and for good reason.  Their absolutely ravenous clusterfuck of all things brutal and fast is an always welcome treat.  The band’s new album Into the Kingdom of Graves is their most vicious and downright demonic sounding effort yet.  It’s hard to listen to things like the early Deicide records nowadays and think “this is some sinister shit” when bands like Tyrants Blood exist now. Continue reading »

Apr 092012

I first came across Paolo Girardi’s name when writing about the Italian nuclear incinerator known as Blasphemophagher (here). Girardi painted the cover art for Blasphemophagher’s latest album, The III Command of the Absolute Chaos, which you can see above. He has painted many more album covers for metal bands, though it took a link from Rev. Will to one of Girardi’s most recent creations to remind me that I intended to explore his work in depth.

Girardi, who is also from Italy, doesn’t limit himself to album art for metal bands. He also paints landscapes, for example, such as these:

Girardi-Finnish landscape Continue reading »