Nov 162013

(TheMadIsraeli quickly reviews four new releases that deserve attention.)

Time for a round up of some shit that I’m sure some have missed or will miss when it comes out.


We’ve mentioned Tyrants Blood (which includes former members of Blasphemyonce before on this site, and for good reason.  Their absolutely ravenous clusterfuck of all things brutal and fast is an always welcome treat.  The band’s new album Into the Kingdom of Graves is their most vicious and downright demonic sounding effort yet.  It’s hard to listen to things like the early Deicide records nowadays and think “this is some sinister shit” when bands like Tyrants Blood exist now.





Plague Rider are a band you don’t want to fuck with.  These tech death/thrash wizards are definitely worth checking out with their self-titled debut.  I haven’t been able to keep myself from headbanging once during its duration and it’s good fun.  They really feel like an intersection between Suffocation, Obituary, and Monstrosity.



Storm King are very eccentric thrash metal that borders on old school SYL levels of nuts within a thrash context.  I’m not even sure how to describe this; thankfully they have their second album Everything That’s Meaningful In Your Life Will Be Destroyed streaming on Bandcamp in its entirety.



Gonoba are a really impressive act who blind-sided me.  Playing melodic, visceral, obscenely technical death thrash, these Slovenians could be onto something.  Definitely an underground highlight to check out.



  8 Responses to “UNDER THE RADAR ROUND-UP”

  1. Tyrant’s Blood were really hard to take seriously live, because in between songs, their vocalist would talk in what sounded to me like Christian Bale’s Batman voice. Great show, but I laughed my ass off at them as well.

  2. awesome recommendations

  3. Tyrants Blood and Gonoba tracks are really killer.

  4. Ive seen Tyrants Blood quite a few times, unbelievably intense live show. Love the dual vocal attack.The new album is really mind blowing.
    Plague Rider, wow, cool band,i’ll have to check more of them out.

  5. These are great recommendations. Into the Kingdom of Graves cd is wicked, picked up at Golers, Sinned, Tyrants Blood show a month ago.Great live band, excellent performance live.All these bands on this list are really good.I like that they are all different too.

  6. Really enjoying the Plague Rider and Gonoba tracks

  7. Great picks man! Especially digging Tyrants Blood and Plague Rider.

  8. For what it’s worth, the latest Storm King release is not a debut: it’s their second full-length (also they’ve done two EPs and a split). But otherwise, cool stuff, thanks for sharing, Izzy!

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