Oct 192017


The Wisconsin melodic black metal band Uhtcearu self-released their second album, For Darkness To Subside, in late July of this year. As a DIY release with nothing more than word of mouth behind it, the album nevertheless garnered heaps of praise across a range of metal-devoted sites, both large and small, including our own, and it has justly elevated Uhtcearu’s profile as a band worth watching very closely. Sometimes quality alone is enough to carry the day, even in an age when it’s harder than ever for bands to be noticed in the absence of label backing or the persistent push of a PR apparatus.

But there are undoubtedly many listeners out there who still haven’t yet discovered For Darkness To Subside, and who would embrace the album if only it could be put before them. And that’s where this new video enters the frame as a vehicle for spreading the word further. Continue reading »

Aug 012017


In this past Sunday’s regular episode of this feature I explained that I had more new music in a black vein that I wanted to share and expected I would do it on Monday. So, I’m a day late, and with the delay I’ve expanded it a bit. The result is divergent music by seven bands from seven countries, but we begin with a news item.


Today we got some additional information about the new album by Satyricon. As previously reported, it is entitled Deep Calleth Upon Deep and will be released by Napalm Records on September 22. The cover art is an obscure 1898 drawing by the famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The album has been described by the label as “a wholesale reinvention and a brand new era in SATYRICON history”. And with that titillating pronouncement we also have this statement by frontman Satyr: Continue reading »