Apr 012021


Blood Harvest Records has unearthed a real gem. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that the label has caught a comet that came unexpectedly rocketing into the atmosphere from some distant constellation. Universally Estranged seems to have no prior releases, instead immediately blazing across the sky with a full-length that truly is eye-opening in both its extravagant adventurousness and its technical acumen, presenting a vision of sci-fi-inspired death metal that is (in the vivid words of the label’s publicist) “both cosmically levitational and grossly subterranean”.

Replete with bizarre but somehow fitting song titles, and wild cover art that’s also entirely suitable, Reared Up in Spectral Predation delivers one mind-boggling, bone-breaking escapade after another, collectively creating a pan-dimensional thrill-ride that’s likely to stand out from the pack this year even though it’s “just” a debut effort from what seems to be a solo creator (who also seems to prefer anonymity).

As an electrifying sign of what the album holds in store, today we allow you to witness the band “Despoiling Souls of Flesh Across the Galaxy“. Continue reading »