May 082022

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are mothers, and as a reminder to those of you who were born of mothers (versus those who were the result of asexual reproduction). I intended to compile a roundup of new music yesterday, but was feeling under the weather. I’m feeling less incapacitated today, as you can tell from the volume of music in this week’s Shades of Black.

There’s a method to the way I organized the following songs. Words like “grim”, “depressive”, or “poisonous” may come to mind over the course of the first three tracks, and then things begin to turn more chaotic and violently unhinged, leading to a closing twist that’s more difficult to sum up.

DOEDSVANGR (Norway/Finland)

I’m beginning with a video for the song “As the Rivers Bleed Their Blessings” from Doedsvangr‘s newest album, Serpents ov Old, which was released by Debemur Morti last fall. The video was recorded at the band’s release gig for the album, which took place at Røverstaden (Oslo) on March 26th, 2022 (credit to Carl Eek of Necrolust Productions for filming and editing it). Continue reading »

May 122020


(We present Vonlughlio’s review of the debut album by South Carolina’s Vølus, which is out now via Vargheist Records.)

This time around I have the opportunity to do a small review for a project called Vølus who recently released their debut album Festering Anti-Cosmic Wound. The mastermind behind this effort is Justin Vølus (Putrefying Cadaverment, Flesh Configuration, Maggot Crown, Morgue Walker), who is also owner of the underground label Vargheist Records from South Carolina, USA.

I have able to review some of the bands on his label here at NCS and have been following the label since I discovered them last year (late to the party, I guess).  One of the things that I admired from the get-go was his commitment to his vision/art and how it should be brought to reality. The original conversations were about BDM that went into other genres, mainly Death/Black genres. That is how he introduced us to the bands on the label. Continue reading »