Jun 202016

Wicked Inqusition - band


(Comrade Aleks presents what appears to be one of the last interviews of Minnesota’s Wicked Inquisition.)

This cool band from Minnesota is going to split up, and their last gig will be held next week. It’s s sad fact ‘cause I liked their self-titled album released just one year ago – this doom metal in the vein of Pentagram and Witchfinder General has a lot of hooks and pleasant tunes, though it’s traditional to the core.

The fate of Wicked Inquisition’s members is blurred except for the band’s founder Nate Towle; it’s already known that he took the place of the second guitarist in the anarchic band Satan’s Satyrs. So I had a brief conversation with Nate, and we need to hurry while Wicked Inquisition is still here. Continue reading »