May 232018


(Latvian music writer Evita Hofmane re-joins us with the following interview of members of the Finnish death metal band Wrathrone, whose new album, Reflections of Torment, was released last month.)

Wrathrone strike hard with their sophomore album, fittingly titled Reflections of Torment. It’s safe to say that these Finnish death dealers have really found their rotten groove and sound on this bestial offering! Rumbling double guitars, low-grinding bass with blasting drums, topped with unearthly growls. Uncompromising cover art by Pierre Perichaud of Business for Satan depicts the horrors and defiled themes of the album perfectly!

Reflections of Torment was recorded during the autumn of 2017 at V. R. Studio in Turku and mixed/mastered at Wolfthrone Studios. It was released by Satanath Records with The Void Records in CD and digital formats in April 2018 and will be released by Cimmerian Shade Recordings in vinyl and tape formats in September 2018.

I dropped the band a line to find out more about it. Continue reading »

Apr 042018


I’m not sure what first set in motion the trend in certain strains of death metal for bands to adorn their music (and their lyrics) with imagery of women being sexually violated, tortured, and brutally murdered, or when that started, or why. Undoubtedly, metal historians have investigated… but I haven’t.

The Wrathrone video you’re about to see is in line with that trend… up to a point… and then it ends in a way you wouldn’t see coming (except now you’ve been alerted), because this particular victim returns from a watery grave to mete out vengeance.

It appears from the video that death doesn’t succeed in claiming Wrathrone either, given their own gore-splattered appearance as they hammer out the delicious piece of death-metal mauling and romping that provides the soundtrack to the short film.

The song is “Throne“, and it appears on the band’s new album, Reflections of Torment, which will be released (CD and digitally) on April 23rd by Satanth Records (Russia) and The Void Records (Italy), with vinyl and tape editions projected for release in September by Cimmerian Shade Recordings. Continue reading »

Dec 022015



(In this post, Latvian music journalist Evita Hofmane presents her interview with vocalist Matti Vehmas of the Finnish band Wrathrone, whose debut album Born Beneath is coming out next month.)

How many death metal bands are in Finland? Nobody knows.

Wrathrone saw the darkness of the day at the end of the year 2008, when Mr. Holm and Mr. Vehmas started to think how great it would be to start playing some good old death metal. And that is what they did.

The band is about to release their first full-length album Born Beneath on January 22nd, 2016, via Inverse Records. The album consists of eight slammering old-school death metal hits. The pre-sale has now begun worldwide at the Inverse shop (here) and at Levykauppa ÄX (here).

To promote the album they will begin the Born Beneath tour this December with two exclusive shows in the Baltics. After the release, the band will continue the tour in Finland and hopefully abroad as well! Continue reading »