May 052020


Almost four years ago I learned the error of leaping to faulty conclusions about the music of Yeti On Horseback based on their band name. Their name seemed fanciful, maybe even fun-loving. The music on their 2016 debut album The Great Dying, as it turned out, was as serious as a heart attack and just as life-threatening, a fashioning of doom metal with a nihilistic vision and an apocalyptic impact that was somewhere over on the other side of a black galaxy from anything light-hearted.

Here we are nearly four years later, and this group from London, Ontario, Canada, haven’t softened their stance or become mellower with the passing years. Their new single “Nothing“, which we’re premiering today, is stunningly dark and dauntingly massive, and dynamic in a way that only reveals different dimensions of devastation, shaking the earth and the soul in equal measure. Continue reading »

Jun 062015


Happy goddamned Saturday to one and all. The old fucking day job is sending me out of town again today. I’ll be buried in a whole lot of Texas for the next two weeks, putting my figurative nose to the figurative grindstone both day and night until I’ll just have a hole in the face I don’t have when I return. Sigh.

What this means, as it has meant during past trips like this one, is that the content at our putrid site will probably fall off until I get back to the Pacific Northwest. Before I drag my glum ass to the airport this morning, however, I thought I would leave you with a collection of new musical and visual discoveries I made yesterday.


To be honest, I’m not champing at the bit over the prospect of a new Soulfly album. However, I am a champion of Eliran Kantor’s artwork, and I love the shit out of the art he created for Soulfly’s new album Archangel, which was revealed yesterday (right up at the top of this post). Continue reading »