Oct 042018


At the end of August I encountered “Blades of Jihad“, the first advance track from Spiritual Sickness, the debut album by the Irish death metal band Zealot Cult. Afterward, I suspected that I had a cretinous expression on my face while listening — mouth open, eyes glazed, perhaps a few rivulets of drool seeping out of my maw. The song begins strong, and the WOW factor only multiplies as the minutes pass.

Since then we’ve been given the opportunity to premiere a second advance track from the album, which you’ll find at the end of this post, below an assortment of borderline-demented verbiage. “Sea of Suffering” is a different beast than “Blades of Jihad“, but also left me gobsmacked. Continue reading »

Aug 312018


The nature of the chemical interactions triggered by the following three bomb-makers differ from each other, but the results are uniformly explosive — and that’s the word of the day for this post.


I confess that I got an advance listen to Godeater’s new single well before its release today (and before its premiere a couple of days ago), and was able to go back to it whenever I wanted, which I did on those many occasions when it seemed like a more efficient and slightly less life-threatening way of juicing my brain, during its sluggish phases, than jamming a wet finger into an electrical socket. Continue reading »