Dec 222009

Two weeks ago, influential death/thrash band Living Sacrifice released “Rules of Engagement,” the first song from its forthcoming new album The Infinite Order (scheduled for a January 26 release), and we slobbered over it.

One week ago, Living Sacrifice released a second song from the album, called “Nietzsche’s Madness.” More slobbering here at NCS.

This week: another new song? Not quite. But today the band premiered a video for “Rules of Engagement” at AOL’s Noisecreep site.  The video intersperses band performance with a story about a psychologically damaged young soldier dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. To read guitarist/singer Bruce Fitzhugh’s thoughts about the video and the making of it, go here.

To watch the video, simply look below:

  2 Responses to “LIVING SACRIFICE UPDATE (No. 4)”

  1. There’s also the demo of Overkill Exposure…check it out

    I still think Nietzsche’s Madness is the best song so far. That verse riff is killer!

  2. Man, I can’t believe I missed that demo of Overkill Exposure! Thanks for cluing me in. I really like it — though I think I agree with you that Nietzsche’s Madness is the best so far.

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