Jan 172010

In one of our previous Math Metal Monday features, we wrote about Swedish tech-death band Soreption and their June 2008 EP Illuminate the Excessive. Illuminate included only four tracks, creatively entitled 123, and 4.

We didn’t discover these guys until sometime in the middle of 2009, but from the first listen, we realized these guys were turning out some genuinely original music. Only problem was that those 4 tracks flew by way too fast.

Now we have some very welcome breaking news about Soreption: the band will release their debut album, “Deterioration Of Minds”, on March 3 via Ninetone Records. The tracks will be entitled 512. But hey, if the full-length really picks up right where the EP left off, we could hardly be happier.

These dudes have excellent technical chops and songwriting ability. This is fast, intricate, brutal music that you should check out here if you haven’t already. Or go back to our earlier Math Metal Monday post and stream the track we made available then.

And then start counting the days to March 3.

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