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Our resident deathcore aficionado IntoTheDarkness insisted I listen to a song called “Soldiers of Immortality” from the new album by Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder. The album is called The Adversary and it was released on July 16 (now available on iTunes and elsewhere).

IntoTheDarkness proclaimed that the album features “some of the heaviest breakdowns I’ve heard” — and he should know. His musical library includes more breakdowns than could be counted in a normal human lifetime. He’s snapped his neck to so many breakdowns it’s a wonder any ligaments are still attached. He particularly favors the kind that detonate on impact.

Now I like me some breakdowns too, the more explosive the better. So I checked out the song, which happens to be the subject of a new Thy Art Is Murder video. And it do have a nasty extended breakdown. The rest of the song ain’t bad either, with better than average instrumental work for this subgenre (which may not be saying a lot, given how much mediocrity is to be found in the current deathcore universe).

I haven’t listened to the rest of The Adversary yet, but I like this song enough to take a deep breath and dive in all the way. As for the video, well, see the title of this post.  And see the video after the jump.


  1. That photo looks like it was taken for a gay porno promo. And just so you know, the video isn’t coming up either. But that picture is like a train wreck. You want to look away, but you just can’t make yourself do it.

  2. Crap. I was afraid that would happen with the video. I had some trouble making it work when I was first watching it. Fucking YouTube. And yeah, I couldn’t resist the photo. I found other promo shots where they looked all serious and bad-ass, but I think this one is so much better.

  3. I dont mind me some breakdowns either. Hell, I just bought Portals by Arsonists get all the girls. Did anyone else hear major Ingested in that song? Or was it just me…

  4. Yeah, I do hear some Ingested in that song! Though I’m not ready to put TAIM in that league yet — gotta listen to the rest of this album. If anyone else wants to know what Aaron and I are talking about, we’ve got an Ingested song up in an earlier post, here:

  5. Vid works for me.

    I don’t feel like dissecting the video. I could, but it’s not really that bad a video and the music’s pretty good. Not sure if I like the vocals or not; I’ll have to give it another shot or two before I make up my mind.

  6. Heh. Lets get real. The vocals sound like every other fuckin’ 17 year old in my town…

  7. Finally was able to watch the video. There were a couple things that were good and a couple not so good.

    First off. What’s up with the faux zombie themes. I don’t remember if I it was a band posted here or somewhere else, but there was another weird zombie like video. If you are gonna make a zombie themed video, don’t be coy. Give us carnage and dismemberment. On the whole the video wasn’t too bad. And the breakdown was pretty good, if a bit predictable.

    Secondly, that zombie (if that is what it was) reminded me of the zombies from Zombieland. And was that a girl or a boy. The androgynous look went out in the nineties (the new scenester kids should take note as well. You cannot play metal dressed up like Flock of Seagulls rejects.)

    Thirdly, based on this one song, these guys are nowhere near Ingested. The vocalist for Thy Art is Murder relies to much on metalcore screeches and his vocals, while guttural, do not match the intensity of Ingested. From what I have heard so far, Thy Art is Murder also doesn’t match the sheer brutality that Ingested brings. When you are done listening to Ingested, your brains are jello, eardrums blown and eyes a quivering mass of jelly and your neck is completely destroyed.

    I like the tune o.k., I just hope the metalcore screeches are kept to a minimum on the rest of their songs.

    • Oh crap. I misread the comment about Ingested. That renders my comment pretty much irrelevant.

      • Yeah, you understand now. Ingested is pretty much on a pedastal for me (probably for Aaron too). “When you are done listening to Ingested, your brains are jello, eardrums blown and eyes a quivering mass of jelly and your neck is completely destroyed.” Agree 100%.

        • I love Ingested. First time I heard them it was love at first hearnig. Those dudes are fucking sick. (to coin a overused metal phrase)

  8. This band sucks. If you want a good, Australian version of this shite, check out THE RED SHORE who outshine outplay and outclass these hacks in every possible way.

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