Jul 212010

Shit, we might as well just surrender the day to deathcore (not counting my goofy MYSPAZZ post). As punishing breakdowns go, that clip we put up earlier today from Thy Art Is Murder is pretty satisfying, if you can get past the foam-at-the-mouth-and-belch-blood vid accompaniment — or maybe you’ll greet that as a plus factor.

But now we’ve just stumbled across a newly minted, almost freshly unwrapped official goodie from our Seattle homeboys I Declare War performing “Federal Death Alliance” from their new album Malevolence — which my man IntoTheDarkness gushed about in our review here.

And no, we still don’t have any more light to shed on the rumored departure of IDW’s frontman Jonathan Huber, except it definitely is true that he’s not playing with the band on the current tour and Molotov Solution‘s Nick Arthur is standing in. We’re still hoping for more news.  The vid is after the jump. It’s murderous . . .

If you’re an epileptic, or easily disturbed by sudden movements, or you’re not a fan of hard riffing and harder breakdowns combined with intestinally deep gutturals, don’t watch this. Otherwise, enjoy:

I Declare War – “Federal Death Alliance”


  8 Responses to “MORE BREAKDOWNS ANYONE?”

  1. I love I Declare War’s christmas carols. Ill have to listen to this later.

    Great change up from the usual metal bro! Glad I’m not the only other metal head that isnt a close-minded fuck.

    • Glad you approve. We may be many things, but close-minded isn’t one of them. If I could convince my collaborator IntoTheDarkness to write more posts, there would be more about this kind of music on the site. I’m not as into it as he is, but I still gotta get my deathcore fix every so often. Plus, having watched IDW work their asses off over the years to get to this point in their careers, I’ve got a real soft spot for those dudes and their music.

  2. I like a couple of deatcore bands and this is one that will get added to the watch list. The line between deathcore and death metal is getting very blurred in the United States. Unless you are an established death metal band, more than likely you are going to be lumped into the deathcore subgenre. While not all of it is good, there are some diamonds in the rough.

    • True — and it works both ways. There are some bands that started out as straight deathcore, and now they really should be classified as death metal. I’ve spent a little time thinking about why deathcore gets such a bad rap from so many people (except the jillions of younger metalheads who don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks and just eat it up). One of these days I’ll have to pontificate about it.

  3. Okay, I feel a bit queasy now. No epilepsy here, but with a migraine, this quickly became a bit hard to watch – and normally, I just feel like shit. Sound and light don’t usually bother me, but this started rubbing uncomfortably on that fine line.

  4. Come on… we need more breakdowns like I need an asshole on my elbow.

    Can we just declare deathcore to be the new nu metal and get back to the business of shoveling dirt onto its carcass already?

    • Don’t be a killjoy G-Man! There’s got to be one deathcore band you like, or at least one you tolerate. Isn’t there? Just one? Or maybe just one song with a big house-collapsing breakdown in it that you dig, yes?
      And don’t tell me you’re not excited by the prospect of a new Linkin Park album in September!

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