Jan 032011


Look what we just found! It’s a brand new video for a brand new song from a forthcoming brand new album! It’s all just brand new, just like 2011! And it’s from Finland’s Omnium Gatherum. They’re not brand new, but they are fucking good.

And this song? It’s the best new song we’ve heard in the New Year. Granted, the New Year isn’t even 3 days old yet, but we’ve got a feeling that 362 days from now, this song will still be one of our 2011 favorites — it’s that strong.

This is melodic death metal done right. It hits hard, it makes you wanna headbang, but it’s catchy, and it has a surprising — and surprisingly dreamy — interlude in the middle with clean singing, of all things.

The album will be called New World Shadows, and as we explained when we featured Omnium Gatherum in our Finland Tribute Week series (here), it was produced by Dan Swanö and it includes guest vocals from Mr. Swanö. In fact, that’s probably his voice during the middle interlude of this song. What a fucking coincidence, seeing as how we wrote about Mr. Swanö just yesterday (here).

Enough of our blather. Watch the video. You won’t regret doing it. Fucking awesome song.


  1. I was just about wondering when their first single would be out. In fact, I’m in the process of doing an interview with them and that was one of the questions I was going to ask. Haven’t got my earplugs at the mo, but I’ll check back in later and let you know what I think about the song.

  2. Looks like they gave an even bigger role to the guy on keys for this one, and he was always prominently present. He’s got a real knack for his work though, so it’s all good. I like the song as a whole, gives a good clean impression! Hope there are also some songs with some more guitar frenzy though, but I’m sure there will be.

    Love this guy’s vocals by the way!

    Proper piece of work this!

  3. Hmmm… I always want to like this band more than I actually do. Really enjoyed “Stuck Here…” and much of “The Redshift”, but have never been super-impressed with them.

    Have seen them live and played with them several times and they are good onstage, but I still always feel that they’e lacking something.

    I’m not a massive fan of either of their vocalists (old or new) as, although the new one is better, I don’t find there to be much power in his growls and his cleans are particularly weak.

    That said, their guitar and keyboard tones are always really good and distinctive, and their song-writing is more interesting than many.

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