Jan 312011

This will be quick, but it will be good, I promise.

Everyone knows that Amon Amarth has a new album on the way —“Surtur Rising”. I am very much looking forward to it. Very much.

This past weekend, the first track from the album — “War of the Gods” — debuted on Full Metal Jackie’s nationally syndicated radio show. And as I had hoped, someone has now uploaded the track (which includes Jackie’s quick intro) onto YouTube.

It is classic Amon Amarth — which means if you’re not a big fan, this won’t change your life. But if you are a big fan (as I am), it is just a fucking killer way to start the week. It’s a phalanx of raging Vikings pounding down at you at a full charge, with Johan Hegg barking like a big wolf. It’s got a massively infectious little melody grooved into it, and a boiling guitar solo to boot.

UPDATE: After the jump, we now have the official stream of “WAR OF THE GODS” — not the version ripped from the radio on YouTube, with its imperfections.

Go past the jump and listen . . . and then get your battle ax out of the closet and run into the streets looking for a worthy foe to butcher!

Not long after we put up this post in its original form, we got a press release announcing the advent of an official Amon Amarth “landing page” for the new album (here), which includes a stream of “War of the Gods” in embeddable form. Naturally, it’s better than the YouTube version down below. Here you go:

Amon Amarth “War of the Gods” by Metal Blade Records

  16 Responses to “AMON AMARTH: “WAR OF THE GODS””

  1. We’ve discussed Amon Amarth at length before, but this was a damn good song. Period. The solo towards the end was fucking awesome too. It was more emotive that I expected from an AA song.

    One complaint though….what was that random talking in the middle? It was distracting at best…

  2. Oh my fuck!

  3. Fuck Yeah..I am so pumped for this album

  4. For you commenters who already listened to the YouTube radio rip, we just updated the post to add another stream of the song as it was meant to be heard, straight from a new Amon Amarth page for “Surtur Rising”. I’m playing it at ear-bleeding volume levels. Fuck yes.

  5. Fuck yes! Big fan of Amon Amarth, and this album sounds like it will NOT dissapoint.

    Add another album to the “Listen while skateing fast” list.

  6. Amon Amarth hasn’t disappointed me EVER, new album will continue this Godly tradition

    • This song reminds me of the immediately classic “Twilight of the Thunder Gods” — the melodic lead is similar, and both songs include excellent guitar solos, but there’s no break in “War of the Gods” — just non-stop thundering. I’ve already put it in my pantheon of personal AA favorites along with “Twilight”, “The Pursuit of Vikings”, “Runes To My Memory”, “Free Will Sacrifice”, “Guardians of Asgard”, and “The Fate of Norns”.

  7. I just punched a hole in my desk. That was kick ass.

  8. It sounds like all their other songs, just a little better. Kind of like “Death in Fire”. Still, Amon Amarth is one of my favourite Melodic Death Metal bands and I hope their new album will be as good as all their other albums.

    • True — Amon Amarth always sounds like Amon Amarth. But they’re one of those bands that can put out basically the same album repeatedly and I still get pumped up for each one. To be honest, I think I’d be disappointed, and maybe even pissed off, if they turned out something that dramatically differed from their classic sound.

      • I doubt they’ll ever going to do that. The only thing they might do is refine their music a little more, but since their music’s appeal comes from their simplicity (they’re practically pop metal), adding too much stuff would be a bad idea and I believe Amon Amarth know that.

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