Feb 242011

Do you remember that not long ago we compiled an NCS list of THE MOST INFECTIOUS EXTREME METAL SONGS OF 2010? Well, some of you do. Others are newcomers and still others have recently destroyed the brain cells that were responsible for remembering that list.

On that list, we included a Soilwork song, “Epitome”, from their Panic Broadcast album. I really wrestled with that one, because I thought there were three songs on the album that were viable candidates. The first time I thought about it, my choice was “Let This River Flow”. And then I changed my mind, partly because many of you let it be known, through comments and otherwise, how much you liked “Epitome”.

“Epitome” is a very infectious song, and a good song, too. But I’ve still got a soft spot in my heart, or in some other organ that functions when I feel heartless, for “Let This River Flow”. So, imagine my excitement in seeing, just minutes ago, that Soilwork has released an official video for that song. I so excite that I gotta put it up here on our web site — especially because it’s my favorite kind of metal video. (go watch it after the jump . . .)

To be more specific, it’s the album track synced to professionally shot, multi-angle footage of the band playing the song live, with a few video effects added to spice it up. Goddamn, but I do love this song.


  1. Man oh man, I think I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Soilwork is the band that started the long and wonderful path into metaldom. I was given Natural Born Chaos and it was all over. I’m actually fairly pleased with The Panic Broadcast, it’s better than their last release (although it’s no Steelbath Suicide or A Predator’s Portrait). I really enjoy the song Two Lives Worth of Reckoning.

    What this video does is make me ridiculously excited for when we get to see this show in May. Although I will definitely not be behaving like the only girl fan in the video was…. awkward.

  2. You can tell vocalist “Bjorn Strid” puts all he can into his vocal chords. This song is my favorite from this album.

    But their 2005 release “Stabbing the Drama” is No 1 album for me!

    • I’m not going to try to figure out which Soilwork album is my favorite. Overall, like my Alexis, I think the older albums were more my style, but I still find songs on the later ones that I really like, including Stabbing the Drama. I’m even a pretty big fan of Sworn To A Great Divide, even though most it seems most people found it to be a letdown. “Exile” in particular puts a big fucking smile on my face.

  3. Hmmm. Im hoping that the “my” in “my Alexis” is a typo due to poor editing skills. That sounds creepy motherfucker, I ain’t nobody’s!

    Just trying to make light of a kinda awkward situation…..see, more awkwardness 🙂

  4. Oh and in response to your music comment, it’s because you like catchy shit more than I do. To each his own! It’s what makes the world a wonderful place…

  5. Fucking weird, I only ever tried to listen to TPB once, got bored, turned it off. On my commute this morning I decided to give it another chance and fucking well enjoyed it, I was half way though this particular song once I had completed my journey just to have my mandatory scan of various metal websites and discover this song has a new video release……fate stepped in today, I probably wouldn’t have given a shit if I didn’t decide this album deserves a few spins, I get the feeling it’s going to be a grower, much like Evocation’s Apocalyptic was.

    • Weird. That does seem like a fated intersection. We had real mixed opinions about the album among the 3 of us who started NCS (as I explained in our review of TPB). I think I was the only one who was pretty happy with it even at the outset (as discussed above, partly because I do have a weakness for catchy shit), but it has certainly grown on me even more with repeated listening.

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