Mar 212011

This kind of slipped up on me: There are now published release dates for Norther‘s new album, Circle Regenerated, plus the cool cover art has been revealed (chosen through a fan contest), plus pre-order options are now available for those of you who would be consumed by wracking guilt over the thought of an illegal download. Plus, there’s a tracklist which includes three bonus songs that come with the digipack. It includes a cover of a song by a band I’ve never heard of (which of course means absolutely nothing).

As aficionados of Finnish metal already know, this will be the first Norther album that doesn’t feature vocalist/guitarist Petri Lindroos. Instead, we will have former Imperanon frontman Aleksi Sihvonen, as well as Naildown guitarist Daniel Freyburg. Norther purists are undoubtedly still trying to adjust to the change in vocalists. We are not pure in any respect here at NCS, so we have already adjusted and will be looking forward to the album, regardless.

If you haven’t yet caught up to this song, here’s a track from the forthcoming album.  The release dates, track-list, and pre-order links are after the jump.

[soundcloud url=”″]


30.3.2011 : JAPAN
13.4.2011 : FINLAND
19.4.2011 : SPAIN / ITALY
20.4.2011 : SWEDEN / HUNGARY
19.4.2011 : USA


RecordShopX (Europe)

CMDistro (Europe)

CMDistro (NorthAm)


01. Through It All
02. The Hate I Bear
03. Truth
04. Some Day
05. Break Myself Away
06. Believe
07. Falling
08. We Do Not Care
09. The Last Time
10. Closing In

— (Limited edition digipack bonus tracks) —

11. New Beginning (instrumental)
12. Hear You Call My Name (new acoustic song)
13. Bimbo (Lambretta cover song)

  7 Responses to “NORTHER UPDATE”

  1. I love Norther, so I am cautiously optimistic. I was not aware that Petri had left the band. Aleksi does a pretty good job and doesn’t sound too different from Petri. That song has a really cool guitar lead/solo. The cover art is so much better than that of N. April 19 can’t get here soon enough.

  2. Neat cover art! The song gives a hint of something that I’ll be waiting with curiousity. Oh and by the way in case you guys didn’t know, Sihvonen is also doing the leading vocals in an awsome act called “Medicated”, it’s worth checking them out!

  3. The reason you’ve never heard of that song is because it’s far from the realm of any music most of us listen to here. It’s an old pop song from the beginning of the millennium. I remember it being particularly vile and disgusting, and I say that in the original intent of the words, not the metal intent. So beware and stay away.

    • This is scary news. I had told myself that before the day was out, I’d go find that song and listen to it. Thank you for saving my sensitive ears.

  4. I think I’ll need to change my underwear after hearing this song. I think I may have just jizzed a little. Been a huge Norther fan for years!

    • Rob, dude, this is too much information. 🙂
      But although I won’t disclose anything about the state of my underoos, I’m pretty fucking excited about new Norther, too.

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