Apr 052011

Seth Siro Anton is the harsh vocalist, bassist, and artistic mastermind behind Greek metal band SepticFlesh. He is also an accomplished artist whose work, both for SepticFlesh and many other bands, we featured in an earlier post. He created the cover art for the next album by SepticFlesh, The Great Mass, which will be released by Season of Mist on April 18 in Europe and one day later in the U.S.

SepticFlesh has been doling out pieces of the cover art over time, and today the entire work was unveiled.  Anton refers to it as a statue of “The Suicidal God”. We’ll leave the interpretations to others. It’s striking to look at — and if you really want to examine it in detail, go to the official SepticFlesh site (here) where you will see a much larger image of the artwork. If we’re understanding the plans correctly, parts of this image will appear as the covers to various editions of the album, plus the dustjacket of an artbook edition.


  1. Nice. Very nice.

    I’m carefully watching the internet for a review copy of this. I prefer classically influenced metal to the more willfully “punk” styles.

  2. Not only does the impending release of this album do strange things to nether regions, Seth is also my favorite artist in the metal scene! (as I believe discussed before?)

  3. i had no idea Seth was the art work creator for the new album, this is absolutely stunning,and if I’m not mistaken there is a lot of computer work involved, and in a genre where pretty much every good album cover is hand drawn (remembers the iron maiden dance of death album cover and facepalms), this one definitely comes off as an exception ( and the new morbid angel as well)
    cant wait for the new album.

  4. Holy fuck!

    I want thi tattooed on my dick!*

    *some exaggeration implied.

  5. I would buy this album just for its cover. What an awesome piece of art!

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