May 022011

Today Amorphis began streaming a second song from their next album, The Beginning Of Times, which is scheduled for release on May 27 via Nuclear Blast Records. This one is called “My Enemy”.

Now, we already warned you in our post about the first song released from this album (“You I Need”) that although we weren’t blown away by that song, we were going to continue covering developments about this album like a wet blanket. Actually, what we said was this: “. . . we’re probably going to run a feature every time anyone in the band belches or farts between now and May 27.” So far, we haven’t been tested on that boast. Fortunately, what we have today is an actual song rather than an expulsion of nether-wind.

So what about this song? Well, you can tell it’s an Amorphis melody from about the first 2 seconds — and then the first vocals you hear are GROWLY (yes!). The song includes some heavy riffing too go along with those gruff vocals, and the chorus melody is just fine. I’m calling this a step up from “You I Need”). Speaking of that first song, Amorphis is filming a video for it, which will be available in the coming weeks — and I’m sure we’ll stick it up here at NCS pronto.

Now go past the jump and listen to the new song.

[soundcloud url=”″]


  1. That’s actually pretty good. I’m hoping to see a full album review soon. If the album as a whole sounds more like this and less like You I Need, I’ll get it. You I Need didn’t sound like metal at all.

  2. A floating egg… Reminds me of Wolfmother.

  3. Had to listen to it on YT, as my company laptop doesn’t support these players, but I’m in dubio about whether or not to like this or not. The intro is waaaaay too cliché for me, sounds like Dark Tranquillity pianos and I’m not a fan of those. On the other hand, the growly parts kick-ass and the cleanly sung chorus (minus the piano) is quite alright. I guess I’ll go ahead and call this “an average song”.

  4. I likes it! Much better than “You I Need”

    I’m with you about the intro, more so because it just doesn’t seem to quite fit the rest of the song, not because it’s too Amorphis-y. The piano and Mellotron throughout the rest of the song, no problem whatsoever. I don’t think the song is dripping with keys, they’re just there.

    I hope this is an indication of how the album is going to be and that this isn’t the only song with growls. Even if the clean:growl ratio hovers around the 50:50 mark (or maybe swings to 60:40 or 40:60), I’ll be happy with that.

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