May 142011

Last night I went to see and hear live metal with NCS co-founder IntoTheDarkness and another friend. The main reason for going was to catch King Conquer and Idols, but we had tunsa fun listening to other bands on the bill, too. Especially for a Friday night, the crowd at Studio Seven was stunningly sparse. Fortunately, that didn’t stop the bands from raging as if the venue were packed to no-breathing-room capacity.

My fucking day job is compelling me to work today, so I don’t have time for a proper review of the concert. But I thought it would be, well — ungrateful — for me to say nothing at all. So, what do you do when you think a band has killed it on stage? What do you do when you get some fucking joy out of listening to a band’s music? What you should do (and I’m really lecturing myself here, not you) is to show some respect, to show some support, and not to be bashful about it even when you’re in the company of people who frown on the genre.

And yes, the genre in this instance happens to be deathcore. We don’t write about bands in that genre very often at this site, though last November we did review King Conquer’s debut album in glowing terms (here) and we also included one of their tracks on our list of  2010’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs (here). I also think most of our readers aren’t into this kind of metal. But it’s like any other genre — there’s bad music in it and there’s good. Particularly when you hear the good bands throw themselves into a live performance heart and soul, then what you should do — what I’m doing — is to be honest about your admiration and show some fucking support. (more after the jump, including music . . .)

So, in gratitude for the bands that pulled out the stops last night despite a relatively small (but still enthusiastic) crowd, here’s a music sampler from three of them. We’ll start with King Conquer — they just fucking floored me with their show: A completely explosive, no-holds-barred, vacuum tight, mega-high-energy performance. Then we’ll follow with music by two other bands who also turned in senses-engulfing sets: New Jersey’s Float Face Down and Seattle’s own Idols (who’ve got a new EP on the way). Respect to all three of these bands, and the others on the bill last night.

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  1. I love deathcore because I love breakdowns and double vocals. Thus, I love deathcore for the same reason people hate it.

    King Conquer is ridiculously brutal. The first song had me headbanging from the 1st second.

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