May 272011

I thought I was finished with blogging for the day, but then one of those things happened to me. One of those things where I decided to take a break from my day job and listen to a bit of music and had a HOLY FUCK!! moment. When those moments happen, the second thing I think (after thinking HOLY FUCK!!) is, “I gotta get this up on the fucking blog ASAP!” I’m afraid I just can’t keep hot discoveries to myself — have to share.

Here’s how this HOLY FUCK!! moment came about: NCS reader and frequent commenter Utmu sent me an e-mail three days ago with a handful of recommendations. Lazy, distracted monkey that I am, I didn’t check out his links until that work-break I took about 30 minutes ago. It so happens that the first of Utmu’s recommendations was a Polish band called Deivos.

The name rang a faint bell, perhaps because I heard or read something about one of their two albums — Emanation From Below (2006) or Gospel of Maggots (2010) — but I was sure I’d never heard their music. So, I followed Utmu’s link and found a new song from a new album (Demiurge of the Void) that’s due for release by Unique Leader Records on September 27.

That song turned out to be just fucking awesome. It really reminded me of a cross-section of two death metal bands I dearly love — Fleshgod Apocalypse and Decapitated — in the sense that it’s a flat-out, jet-fueled, turbo-charged, smokin’ hot, rubber-laying drag racer of a song, with the staging lights all lit green. Wonderfully fast, tight execution and an unstoppable groove. Just too damned much fun to hog for myself as we accelerate toward the weekend. Go check it out after the jump — and I found one more song from that forthcoming album for you, too.

Here’s the first song I heard, “No Gods Before Me”:

No Gods Before Me by Deivosdeathmetal

And here’s another song from the album, “Absolute of Hatred”. It ends abruptly, so the upload may not have completely finished, but it’s still a killer song:

Absolute of Hatred by Deivosdeathmetal

Damn, that’s finger-lickin’ good.

Enjoy whatever part of Friday (or maybe Saturday) you’re experiencing where you are, and we’ll catch you tomorrow.

  7 Responses to “DIVE IN TO DEIVOS DAMMIT”

  1. YES! I love when metal bloggers pay attention to me.

  2. That was excellent. Definitely reminds me a lot of Decapitated. And maybe a little bit of Origin, too, just because of how heavy the drums are.

  3. Dude… Was that a cowbell fill?

  4. I love the blasting cowbell on this one, and yes this Album fuckn Kills! i need to check out their older shit!

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