Jun 102011

Time to start mentally gearing up for the weekend. We’re here to help with a couple of killer new songs from Machine Head and All Shall Perish.

Almost four years have passed since Machine Head’s last album, The Blackening, which garnered mountainous heaps of praise. The next album (still untitled) is now finally scheduled for a September 27 release by Roadrunner Records. To begin building excitement for the album, a single called “Locust” will be released on June 14 for digital distribution on iTunes and Amazon MP3. Earlier this week, a 30-second sample of the song surfaced, but now the whole thing is up on YouTube.

It’s about 8 minutes long and it sounds great. It’s multifaceted, both heavy and melodic — a damned good harbinger for the album to come. Have a listen after the jump.

All Shall Perish also have a new album on the way, one we’re really looking forward to. It will be called This Is Where It Ends, and it’s due for  North American release on June 26 by Nuclear Blast. Two days ago, Lambgoat premiered the second song from the album to receive advance display. It’s called “Procession of Ashes”. It’s a crusher, as you would expect, but it includes a few musical surprises from this band, including an extended outro that I really didn’t see coming.

Both these songs are rockin’ my head this morning. You can hear both after the jump.



  1. AWESOME! I’ve been wondering when they were going to bring out another. I only wish drummer, Chris Kontos, was still with them.

  2. You know, the Machine Head is really refreshing. Sometimes I think I get so caught up in prog-tech-psych-funeral-transcendental whatnot that I forget how good plain old metal can be.

    • Ain’t that the truth? A catchy melody, headbanging riffage, great shredding, a nice heavy breakdown near the end. All good.

      • Great song. I hope Machine Head can keep up their string of great releases. This definitely a start in the right direction.

  3. Crap. Looks like YouTube just removed the Machine Head song. Sorry about that everyone.

  4. I guess I’m the only one that finds the new Machine Head song really, REALLY, ghey?

    • I’m actually with you sounds like they used Halo as a template only didn’t come close to making it as good.

  5. Looks like the second clip I found for “Locust” has now been yanked, too. Am I the only one who thinks this is just fucking silly? The song will be out on June 14 regardless.

  6. Now on the third YouTube clip of “Locust”. It’s a guerilla war at YouTube!

  7. Hell yeah guerrilla warfare! That machine Head fucking rips.

    • Amazingly, YouTube hasn’t yanked the third clip yet. But I bet if they do, another one will take its place. I’m wondering if Warner Bros. has already just given up.

  8. I like ’em both. Machine Head is another band I never got into much, but I’ve liked most of what I’ve heard from them over the years and “Locust” is certainly no exception. All Shall Perish is one I haven’t heard much from, so I can’t really form much of an opinion about them based on one song.

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