Aug 312011

I’ve visited San Diego a couple of times. It seems like a nice town. You visit Balboa Park, and you see carefree people enjoying the beautiful surroundings and (when the fog isn’t insinuating itself) the sunshine. Fun-loving folks are out having fun at eateries and watering holes in the Gaslamp Quarter. There are beautiful beaches and ocean vistas, and you can catch a ballgame at Petco Park (as long as you don’t mind watching the Padres lose). But . . . there’s also a vile, dark, underside to this superficially pleasant city, and its name is Condemned.

Condemned is a brutal death metal band with a penchant for creating songs that slam. I don’t claim to be an expert in the subgenre of death metal called slam, but I can claim to have suffered brain damage listening to Condemned’s 2007 debut album, Desecrate the Vile. This was a tragic occurrence, because I have so little brain to damage that damaging any of it is a serious loss. However, I have managed to soldier on.

Unfortunately, I suffered further brain damage this afternoon listening to the first song to debut from the new album by Condemned, Realms of the Ungodly, which will be released by Unique Leader on November 9. Fortunately, November 9 is a long way off. I’m on a waiting list at a Seattle hospital for a brain donor, and I’m hoping I’ll be a lucky recipient before November 9. It would be nice to have a whole new brain before I listen to a whole album’s worth of songs like this one. Otherwise, I could be in some real trouble.

The new song is called “The Divine Order of Babylon”, and it’s decimating. The music is ugly, scary, and horrific — but it’s got groove, too. What’s left of my brain, while mourning the part that was killed off, remembers enjoying the song while it lasted. It’s enjoying the awesome album cover by Jon Zig, too. You can listen to the new song after the jump. Maybe your brain is too large and you’d like to reduce it to normal size.


  1. i clicked expecting some slam core grind stuff ( waking the cadaver for example), but im impressed, this is actually really cool i like it a lot!
    besides ive been listening to really calm stuff all day long and i needed my daily brutal death fix, and this came along just fine.

  2. I’ve actually been slowly discovering this side of the death metal genre over the past few weeks, and I am digging this. For years I was into the old-school DM, melodeath, or stuff like Cryptopsy, The Faceless, Fleshgod, etc. but between Pathology, Defeated Sanity, and now these chaps, I’ve found that slam ain’t too shabby!

    • Defeated Sanity and Pathology are two other great choices. I’ve been meaning to say something here about the new Pathology track — I would have included it in this post, if I’d been thinking straight. I’ll just have to do another one!

  3. Danny, I needed those last two brain cells for my job interview today!

    Oh well…I guess since I’m now officially brain dead I can spend all day drawing pictures of tentacles raping Teddy bears and various public figures.

    Bon Jovi is a public figure, right?

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