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All Pigs Must Die is a band I discovered for the first time watching them kick the holy bejesus out of an audience at a Seattle club on August 18. They were taking part in Southern Lord’s The Power of the Riff tour. I mainly went to see Pelican, but discovered a lot of other awesome bands in the process, APMD being one of them (see our partial review of that show here). Southern Lord has just recently released the band’s debut album, God Is War, and it’s a hard-to-define amalgam of punk, hardcore, crust, black metal, and death metal that’s beastly.

But God Is War isn’t the main reason for this post. The main reason is that APMD was persuaded by CVLT NATION to select songs for a mixtape that the site released for free download yesterday. The band explained what they did: “This is a selection of songs from bands that have have influenced us as a whole and as individual players. Our goal was to put together a range of music that has contributed to our musical output as a band, rather than compiling a list of more obscure songs we may each be listening to at the moment. So while you may have heard much of this before, we hope you enjoy hearing it all at once.”

Perhaps reflecting the eclectic mix of styles you can hear in APMD’s own music, the mixtape is a wide-ranging compilation, and a fucking good one to boot. In toto, it’s an hour and a half of music, and includes songs by 27 bands. Just a few examples: Electric Wizard, Amebix, Leviathan, Neurosis, Blue Oyster Cult, Pentagram, Hawkwind, Entombed, The Secret, Dismember, Trap Them, Black Sabbath, and Nick Cave. To stream all the music and to download the mixtape, visit the CVLT NATION page via this link. We’ve also included the full track list after the jump.

Cvlt Nation – Sonic Cathedrals Vol VI
Curated by All Pigs Must Die

01. (0:00:00)
Electric Wizard – Vinum Sabathi
Dopethrone – 2000

02. (0:03:06)
Craft – Destroy All
Fuck The Universe – 2005

03. (0:05:59)
Void – Who Are You?
Void/Faith split – 1982

04. (0:08:20)
Blue Oyster Cult – Transmaniacon MC
Blue Oyster Cult – 1972

05. (0:11:42)
Amebix – Fear Of God
Arise! – 1985

06. (0:14:51)
Integrity – ATF Assault
Seasons In The Size Of Days – 1997

07. (0:16:16)
The Swarm – Smooth Running Order
The Swarm/Morser split – 1998

08. (0:17:53)
Leviathan – Receive The World
Massive Conspiracy Against All Life – 2008

09. (0:25:41)
Swans – God Loves America
Love Of Life – 1982

10. (0:29:20)
Goblin – Profondo Rosso
Profondo Rosso – 1975

11. (0:32:54)
Neurosis – The Doorway
Times Of Grace – 1999

12. (0:40:28)
Darkthrone – Too Old, Too Cold
The Cult Is Alive – 2006

13. (0:43:26)
Pentagram – Broken Vows
Day Of Reckoning – 1987

14. (0:48:02)
Lucifer’s Friend – Ride In The Sky
Lucifer’s Friend – 1970

15. (0:50:55)
Entombed – Out Of Hand
Wolverine Blues – 1993

16. (0:54:01)
The Secret – Antitalian
Solve Et Coagula – 2010

17. (0:55:45)
Burning Love – Money Shots
Songs For Burning Lovers – 2010

18. (0:57:20)
Conflict – Barricades And Broken Dreams
The Final Conflict – 1988

19. (0:58:34)
Death In June – All Alone In Her Nirvana
The Guilty Have No Pride – 1983

20. (1:01:29)
The Who – Melancholia
The Who Sell Out (1995 Reissue) – 1995

21. (1:04:47)
Hawkwind – Master Of The Universe
Space Ritual – 1973

22. (1:12:24)
Dismember – Override Of The Overture
Like An Ever Flowing Stream – 1991

23. (1:17:14)
Trap Them – Sovereign Through The Pines
Darker Handcraft – 2011

24. (1:18:49)
Cro-Mags – Life Of My Own
The Age Of Quarrel – 1986

25. (1:21:40)
Saint Vitus – Born Too Late
Born Too Late – 1986

26. (1:28:33)
Black Sabbath – Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes
Vol. 4 – 1972

27. (1:34:23)
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – The Mercy Seat
Tender Prey – 1988


  1. not a very big fan of apmd but that is one hell of a cover man! guess im going to check that mixtape out, im very curious to hear the Leviathan song.

  2. Man, had a flashback hearing that Dismember track… I haven’t listened to ‘Like an Ever Flowing Stream’ in YEARS.

    • Well dude, that’s way too fuckin long. If you’re not careful, you’ll become weak and weak-minded.

      • This is why I come here: for spiritual guidance. Well, and the various health tips… I’m still working on that one-handed skull crushing.

        • Good, that’s a step in the right direction. But have you tried The Lindgren Diet yet? We’re rolling out the Day Three meal plan tomorrow. It includes a heretofore undisclosed secret ingredient.

  3. Anyone else have problems getting the download to even play? WMP plays it just fine, but Winamp doesn’t budge, which is unusual, since will play truncated files just fine.

    • I downloaded this, but haven’t loaded it on iTunes yet for playing. I’ll do that when I get home to the computer where I downloaded, though since I’m a Mac user I’m not sure my experience will do you much good.

  4. “NO CLEAN SINGING » ALL PIGS MUST DIE CURATES A FREE MIXTAPE”? Wow wow wow, aren’t we going too far?

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