Sep 022011

There’s something about the lure of free metal. I suppose, in a sense, all metal is free these days if you’re willing to torrent it, but I’m talking about metal that’s intended to be free. And the subject of this post is intentionally free metal from Victory Records — a Labor Day Sampler that includes tracks from 16 different bands.

What caught my eye about this offer is the second song on the sampler — since by coincidence it’s the Pathology track we featured in our last post yesterday — “Media Consumption” — from their as-yet-unreleased second album. The sampler also includes a demo track from God Forbid plus tunes from the likes of Jungle Rot, Ringworm, Within the Ruins, Carnifex, and Snapcase, just to mention the bands that interest me the most.

After the jump, we’ll show you the complete run-down of the sampler’s 16 tracks. To download it, visit the Victory Records facebook page here, where you’ll have to “like” them to access the download.


  1. Carnifex need to get themselves on a good label pronto.

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