Nov 202011

Nah, just kidding. I didn’t really see you naked this weekend. I just wanted to get your attention. And by the way, those of you who felt a little thrill at the idea of me seeing you naked, please don’t send me photos of you in the nude; I’m pretty sure you’re the ones I do NOT want to see naked.

What I did see were new videos that I thought were worth sharing. Still catching up on what I missed while on vacation, I found:

  • A new official video from Chthonic for the song “Quell the Souls in Sing Ling Temple” from the band’s latest album, the excellent Takasago Army (reviewed at NCS here); it was posted to YouTube on November 17 (thanks to TNOTB for this one)
  • A video of Textures performing “Consonant Hemispheres” on Dutch television on November 18; the song is from the band’s 2011 album Dualism (reviewed at NCS here)
  • A video of Vader performing “I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul” at a club in Liverpool, England, on November 10; the song is from Vader’s latest album Welcome To the Morbid Reich (reviewed at NCS here)
  • “A new fan-filmed video of Italy’s Hour of Penance performing a scorching new song called “Sedition Through Scorn” (posted on November 15)
  • “A new video for the song “Dagger” from Vildhjarta’s new album Masstaden, which hasn’t yet been reviewed at NCS — but will be soon; I’m putting this one last because the site that’s streaming it hasn’t devoted enough bandwidth to make this thing play reliably

All these videos are available after the jump. Get naked and watch them.






  38 Responses to “I SAW YOU NAKED THIS WEEKEND”

  1. I`m the exception though, right?

    Cause I just sent you a 2 gig file of nothing but my nakedness.

    And syrup.

    The Chthonic song is great. I think they`re sounding a bit more deathmetaly and a bit less blackmetaly. They`re hitting a nice middle ground that appeals directly to my penis engorgement sensory equipment.

    Though, I have to say, after the first two videos from the album were so beautiful, a simple live video is kind of disappointing…

  2. Well ain’t this a fine coin-kee-dink? I was just wondering about new HoP not more than… I don’t know 2 and a half hours ago…

    • They started recording the album last month. Should be nearly finished. I’m assuming we’ll have a release in 1Q 2012. Stoked for that.

    • I gotta say I don’t think I like the new vocals… the music sounds pretty good though from what I can make out, but seeing as how the drums are like a million BPM and at least one of the guitars are distorted to a certain point I can’t really make it out. Also do you think watching live recordings on the internet is kinda like stealing, like going to a show without paying? Maybe I’m just overthinking this sort of thing…

      • Yes, I think you are overthinking. I think almost all bands view fan-filmed videos of their live shows as positive promotion (perhaps unless the video quality makes them sound terrible). In this case, HoP posted this video on their FB page.

      • I was also a bit dismayed by the change wrought by Paolo Pieri’s vocals, but I’m reserving judgment until I hear the album. And yeah, Simone Piras sounds like a beast on drums.

    • Actually, I now see that my guess was pretty accurate. This interview of Giulio Moschini, after rendered into broken English courtesy of Google Translate, indicates it’s scheduled for a March release.

      Giulio also had this to say about touring with Deicide this summer (the same tour on which that video was recorded) — again, this is the imperfect Google Translate version, but you can certainly get the gist:

      “With regard to Deicide, I think the time has come for them in retirement, are a group of people who are there only to take the money, completely lazy, they hate their job, and where they are because I think they have nothing better to do in life. This as you can imagine has certainly welcomed (?) the climate of the tour, and belonging on a few occasions, I must say that being with them was really a pain in the ass.”

      • I loved their new album, and I’d love to see them live, but this assessment of Deicide is hardly surprising.

        If they were to retire, I’d like one last album….

        But yeah, being Glen Benton seems tiring.

      • Whoah… those are some harsh words…

        Anyways, I hope I find the studio version of the vox more appealing, but the music should be pretty good if Giulio wrote the music like he did in the last one (if I’m not mistaken… I think he wrote the music for the last album).

        • In the interview, Giulio said that Paolo Pieri played a significant role in the songwriting for the new album, along with himself. Sounds like there will be some changes in style, though still pretty solidly death metal.

          • Yep, Giulio wrote all on “Paradogma” and “The Vile Conception”, plus several songs on “Pageantry For Martyrs”. Expect another cool record, a little more diverse than the previous efforts, with more groove, melody and lots of old school death metal riffs. 🙂

            • Thanks for the comment. As long as there are still lots of old school death metal riffs, more groove and melody will be acceptable. 🙂

              • Yep… it’s just not full-blast from start to finish. Think early Morbid Angel or Angelcorpse rather than Nile. There’s also some black metal in a couple of tracks. Heard some demo tracks and they are very promising.

  3. Ha ha! Catsturbation.

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