Nov 292011

Just so that last post featuring me tooting my own horn about myself doesn’t linger at the top of the NCS site for the next 8 1/2 hours until tomorrow’s first scheduled post, I have this official video, just released, from the most excellent Noctem, whose new album Oblivion our most excellent Andy Synn reviewed here and who Andy also interviewed here.

The featured song is called “The Arrival of the False Gods”, which Andy described as “all piledriving rhythms and violent vocal catharsis whose brooding guitar adds a palpable sense of menace to the proceedings”. If you’re an epileptic off your meds or have a moral problem with bands who play with pig heads on stage and eat pig organs during the performance, don’t watch this.

P.S. My interview by The Number of the Blog can be found via THIS LINK.


  1. Love how you toot your own horn again in the last line.

  2. I love to eat pork. But I don’t love it THAT much.

    Queue the Vincent Vega/Jules Winnfield pork debate .

    • Awesome scene. But I’m with Vince when it comes to pork. However, I would find the Noctem video more appealing if Beleth were chowing down on a rasher of bacon instead of a raw heart.

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