Dec 072011

I discovered a French band called Svart Crown more than a year ago when I reviewed their second albumWitnessing the Fall. I compared them to a joint venture between Immortal and Immolation. Since then, the band signed with Listenable Records, which put the album into wider distribution. It’s still a damned strong listen.

This morning I saw that the band have released an official video for “Into A Demential Sea”, one of the songs from Witnessing the Fall. To crib from my review (since I’m too fucking lazy to come up with any new phraseology), it’s “almost experimental in its combination of raging guitars, complex drumming, and sharp rhythm breaks that cause the song to trudge with death-doom chord progressions.”

But more importantly, it will trigger the old headbang reflex, which is a reflex that needs to be triggered often, so that you don’t get fixed-neck syndrome, which is a precursor to tight-sphincter complex and stick-up-the-ass disease.

And in other welcome news, an Ulcerate-Svart Crown European tour has been announced for February 2012. I say “welcome” because I’m trying to be happy for our European readers. I myself do not find this news welcome, because, since I can’t go to any of these shows, the news simply makes me jealous and slightly miserable because of my loss. I’m going to console myself by watching this video again. It’s after the big goddamn tour poster which immediately follows the jump. I hope all you Euro motherfuckers are happy.

Is that big enough for all you near-sighted European readers? I’m so bitter now.

Here’s the video:


  1. Man, sounds like my thing on paper, but so not my style

  2. oops, sorry, that’s Aura Noir.

    This band is cool.

  3. I have indeed banged my head today (I started the morning with Belphegor’s Walpurgis Rites-Hexenwahn and “The Crosses Made of Bone” is a real neck-snapper), but I still replayed this three or four times. I loved the faster riffs, but also the slow parts as well. I feel like those are going to be delightfully stuck in my head all day.

    • You sure as fuck started your day off right with those Belphegor tracks. I’m happy to hear you’re into Svart Crown. Coincidentally, this same song is on the Listenable sampler that’s the subject of a later post today.

  4. I liked most of what I heard. Something about the music seemed “messy” to me. Also, I’d like to add that I enjoy synchronized headbanging, which seems to be upopular; I don’t like when bands like Attack! Attack! do it though…

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