Jan 172012

We’ve got good news and not so good news on the Abigail Williams front. The good news is that the band’s forthcoming album, Becoming, is now streaming in full at Hails & Horns, accompanied by an interview with AW’s Ken Sorceron. We got a very early listen to this album back in November, and published what (as far as we know) is the first review of Becoming, written by NCS scribe Andy Synn. (here).

In a nutshell, this is an unusually compelling album, one that should vault this band into the upper echelons of American black metal, one we expect will be on many people’s Best of 2012 lists when this new year draws to a close. We’re not the only people who feel that way — Becoming is already racking up a slew of advance rave reviews. But you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it any more. GO HERE to listen to the entire album while the stream lasts. Becoming will be released by Candlelight Records on January 24, and pre-orders are being accepted at this location, as well as on iTunes.

Now for the not-so-good news: Although no official statement has yet been released, word is already out that Dark Funeral is canceling its headlining North American tour, which was scheduled to begin on January 29 in Springfield, Virginia. Plans for the tour were already impacted by Belphegor’s exit from the line-up due to frontman Helmuth Lehner’s surgery last fall, which caused the band to cancel all performances through this May. Now, it appears the tour will be shelved altogether.

However, we’ve learned that Abigail Williams — who were to be part of that tour along with Inquisition and Gigan — are doing their best to schedule replacement dates. They need help from interested venues and local bands. More about that after the jump.

The Dark Funeral tour was to run through the month of February, with Abigail Williams joining Deicide, Jungle Rot, and Lecherous Nocturne for another tour scheduled to begin immediately afterward on March 1. With the cancellation of the Dark Funeral tour, Abigail Williams is now looking to schedule headline dates between January 29 and March 1. So far, they’ve lined up shows for Worcester, Mass., and Trenton, NJ. Local bands with a serious interest and the ability to help organize shows — and of course, interested venues — can contact Abigail Williams via this e-mail address:


Selfishly, I hope this DIY tour will come to pass. I saw AW in Seattle last November on the Mayhem tour, playing songs from Becoming, and it was amazingly good. If you can help make this happen, or know someone who can, please step up.


  1. Did they give any reason why this got cancelled?

    • I’ve heard rumors relating to problems financing the tour after Belphegor pulled out, but there’s no official explanation. Here’s the statement from Dark Funeral that finally appeared today:

      “It is with great regret that we have to inform you today that our North American Tour has to be postponed. Due to circumstances and events way beyond our control, there is no other way but to postpone these dates. And yes, our triumphant return to the United States Of America is definitely not cancelled, but postponed. And we will try to announce the new North American tourdates as soon as possible, so you better stay tuned! “

    • As far as I am aware without Belphegor to share the cost Dark Funeral are unable to afford the tour bus and assorted accoutrements. They tried to find another band of a similar level to be involved, but were unable to do so. Hence they have “postponed” the tour.

      So AW are sorting their own DIY tour, but not sure what Inquisition et al are doing.

  2. weird how these guys went from sounding like dimmu borgir to sounding more like wolves in the throne room, and i for one welcome that change very much, i liked what i heard, a lot, to be honest.

  3. Yet Dark Funeral are still playing the 70K Tons of Metal cruise. I was rooting for cancellation on that as well in hopes they replaced them with a different black metal band I wanted to see. LOL

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