Mar 052012

That is still one uber-badass album cover, isn’t it? The album also remains one of the biggest, most pleasant surprises of the year for me. To quote from my January review (because I always turn to myself for quotes whenever possible): “In a nutshell, Bloodshot Dawn’s debut album is a shockingly strong explosion of fused thrash and melodic death metal, driven by a guitar duo who have bright days ahead of them. I’ll be surprised if we see a stronger debut from anyone this year.”

Today is another red-letter day for Bloodshot Dawn and their fans, because today they’re putting the album up on Bandcamp for streaming and for digital download directly from the band — and this is the link for that page.

And to celebrate the digital release, the band have teamed up with the formidable UK-based extreme metal zine Terrorizer to stream the album in full on the Terrorizer web site between today and March 14. To check that out, go here. Terrorizer will also be giving away the album with subscriber copies of Issue #221 beginning March 22.

But if you’re not a Terrorizer subscriber, the band is selling the CD and related merch on their BigCartel page here. Buyers will also be entered in a monthly prize drawing for gig tickets, shirts, and other prizes.

And finally, beginning tomorrow, Bloodshot Dawn will be embarking on the UK/ Eire Agony Tour with none other than NCS favorites Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dyscarnate.

That’s a skull-crushing line-up. I wonder if they could pretend that Seattle is part of the UK and squeeze in a stop here, because I’m such a big fan of all three bands and it would really make me happy. So yeah, I bet they’ll do that! But until that’s official, here are the current dates:

Agony UK/ Eire Tour Dates:

06/03/12 – Plymouth, White Rabbit
07/03/12 – London, Purple Turtle
08/03/12 – Liverpool, The Lomax
09/03/12 – Dublin, The Pint
10/03/12 – Huddersfield, The Parish
11/03/12 – Edinburgh, Bannerman’s
12/03/12 – Hull, The Lamp
13/03/12 – Derby, The Old Bell
14/03/12 – Cardiff, Bogiez

  17 Responses to “BLOODSHOT DAWN UPDATE”

  1. With all the money you make on this site, youd think you be able to fly there on a whim.

    • If this site were a person, it would be panhandling for change, dumpster-diving for food, sleeping in doorways, and wearing a hand-lettered sign that says “Will blast-beat for beer.”

      • If that sign said “Will rape chickens and let you watch for change,” you’d be flying first class around the worold.

        Also, thanks for all your hard work. 😉

  2. Honestly, Islander, you are the most hardworking blogger who has a sense of humor and who doesn’t even earn ad money that I’ve seen around. Even Relapse featured your words on their ad for Spawn of Possession! And you don’t even put up any ad spaces over here too.

    So… find yourself an extremely loyal and loaded NCS fan who is willing to be your sugar mommy/daddy and fly you over to other countries for concerts as often as you desire. 😀

  3. NCS bake sale to raise money for plane tickets and blow?

  4. Hey man, thanks for the heads up. It’s been added to Metal Bandcamp now. Such a great album.

  5. I just listened to this album today for the first time… I quite enjoyed it. ’twas quite good. Will need to listen further.

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