Apr 032012

The next album from Dying FetusReign Supreme — will be released by Relapse Records on June 19. I would say that it’s on my “highly anticipated” list, except I don’t really talk like that in real life. I mean, if I were talking to a friend over a beer about this album, I wouldn’t say: “I highly anticipate the new Dying Fetus album, how about you?” So, I think it’s more accurate to say that Reign Supreme is on my “gimme that fucker NOW!” list.

June 19 seems far away, but at least we’ve now got a new song from the album to enjoy in the meantime. It’s called “Subjected To A Beating”, and it was released yesterday in a lyric video.

The lyrics are vicious, the bloody imaginings of revenge by an imprisoned man. The music is equally vicious. It features an immediately compelling opening riff, a grisly tremolo lead that appears like a slithering reptile, some meaty slams, and a spasming guitar solo that’s the musical equivalent of a tongue-swallowing seizure. Check it out after the jump.



  1. Well, I’m not sure if knowing the lyrics improved my appreciation for the song, but I did enjoy it.

    I’ll be glad when the lyrics video trend ends though…unless you have something REALLY important to say, it seems kinda pointless to me. Except as marketing…. I guess it works to help get songs stuck in your head so you’re more likely to buy them…maybe.

    Am I crazy?

    • First things first: yes, you are crazy. Second, I agree with your point. Most death metal lyrics are awful. Their only real purpose is to give shape to the vocals. Knowing the words is unnecessary, and seeing them (even when they’re not awful) while listening is just a distraction that, to me, detracts from the effect of the music.

      • I’m not sure how I feel about lyric videos yet. It’s certainly a ‘trend’, but I’m not yet ready to write it off as a bad one.

        We’ve just locked down the date to do our video, but I am also considering a lyric video for one of the songs as well.

        A – because my lyrics are particularly important to me (seriously, ask any of my guys, I pore over each and every line over and over again trying to tighten up meaning and metaphor or adjust the focus here and there – I’ll go back to songs months later and re-work the lyrics if I feel that I’ve found a better way to say what I was aiming at… I’ms tarting to think there’s a column about lyrics in this actually…)

        And also, B – I would really like to add some cool imagery to the track, more a lyric video with interesting and appropriate background iamgery to further ‘flesh out’ the concept of the track, without going the full video route.

        • I much prefer the imagery in many recent lyric videos (particularly the ones that include animation) to the static album cover or band photo that was so prevalent before. It’s the words that get in the way . . .

          And yes, I think a post about lyrics would be worthwhile. It’s been a discussion point in Comments before, but I’m not sure we’ve ever had a column with that as the focus.

    • Nah I’m with you. Seeing the lyrics splayed out in a cheap font somewhat sterilizes them, even makes it less metal imo.

  2. I have nothing against lyric videos, however like I used to tell my ex-girlfriends, “Its not what they are saying its how they are saying it”.

    Half of my favorite Death Metal songs, I dont know the words and I dont really care to.

  3. Digging the mid-temp stomp and the .5 second gravity blasting at around the 4:50 mark. Looking forward to this

  4. Never realized the lyric video was a trend cause I usually cringe at videos anyways and stream them in the background while I’m multi tasking (to avoid said cringe)

  5. I don’t pay attention to lyrics whatsoever. Especially in death metal. The main thing I look for in death metal…..headbangability.

    This has it in droves.

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