Apr 032012

Thanks to MaxR of Metal Bandcamp, I just discovered that the wonderful Season of Mist label has recently set up camp on Bandcamp. As Max reports, “The bands have individual pages, each featuring their Season of Mist discography. Among the 44 bands available now, we find symphonic death metal giants Septicflesh from Greece, and their three albums from the Season of Mist catalog: Sumerian Daemons, Communion, and The Great Mass from 2011.”

In addition to Septic Flesh, you will find pages for the most recent releases by such NCS favorites as Solstafir, Thy Catafalque, Drudkh, Rotting Christ, Ghost Brigade, Nader Sadek, Benighted, Elitist, Esoteric, Minushuman, Nothnegal, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Terrorizer, and a whole lot more.

As those who are familiar with Bandcamp will immediately realize, this means not only that the albums can be digitally downloaded, but also that they can be streamed in their entirety. It also means that bloggers like me can embed full-album streams in our posts, which is what I’m about to do.

For the hell of it, I’m going to include an album stream after the post for a record called Legion Helvete by the Norwegian band Tsjuder, who trace their roots back to 1993.  Legion Helvete was released in October 2011. I meant to listen to it then, but failed. I’ve been listening to it this morning, and the music is absolutely killer.

It’s a galvanizing blast of head-wrecking black metal, with knife-like riffing, obliterating percussion, and swirling indigo melodies. The band also change gears on songs such as “Fra En Råtten Kiste” and “Slakt” to inflict neck damage with black ‘n’ roll breaks that are catchy as fuck.

In fact, that’s one of the bloody charms of this album — although it’s hell-bent-for-leather from start to finish, I never lost interest and was never tempted to move on to something else. The songs are varied in the stratagems of their attack, without ever pulling punches, and they’re built around grooves that will carve you like a roast turkey.

I should also mention that the performances are excellent and the production is razor sharp. Check it out:

  8 Responses to “SEASON OF MIST ON BANDCAMP!”

  1. You’ve been missing out. That’s such a fantastic album. It blew me away the first time I heard it.

  2. It took me almost a minute to figure out that “Independent in Thought Sound and Vision” was supposed to be “Independent in Thought, Sound and Vision.” I get, graphically, why they did that, but I was seriously trying to figure out what Thought Sound is.

    I feel stupid now.

    The music is fun, though!

  3. Septic Flesh nothing….Destroyer 666 is available for streaming \m/

  4. As more labels like Relapse and SoM do this it can drastically change how us bloggers have been doing things. Like you said, full album streams are possible but at the same time how viable are our sites going to be as the public becomes just as in the know as we are right now:) It’s interesting to say the least.

    That reminds me I need to post about this too to further my own demise:P

    • My theory is that we’ll still have a place in the hearts of readers as long as we continue to make them feel smarter than we are.

      Or perhaps I should just speak for myself.

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