Apr 062012

(I am so fucking slow on the uptake sometimes. DemiGodRaven sent me the post below, and despite the fact that it belonged in the “breaking news” category, I had a brain fart and didn’t pounce on it. So, the news is now less breaking than it was, but still worth writing about.)

Just recently (as in, March 31st — I’m working midnight’s, so I’m falling behind the times rapidly), Sylosis uploaded a video to their Youtube account called “Sylosis – III”. There’s no description as to what it is, but it consists of a bunch of footage of the band in the studio.

They seem to have been spending time there lately. They found enough time to record a new song for the people who donated to their pledge drive to help them out in the US last year, and that one has finally begun making its way around the net.

As for III, does this mean we’re going to see some new Sylosis material already? I know there was a pretty sizable gap between Conclusion of an Age and Edge Of The Earth, but the band put so much goddamn material on Edge Of The Earth that it practically seemed like too much at times. Especially when you add in the newer song, there has been quite a lot of Sylosis in the past year. I personally, cannot get enough of it, as I love this band and think they should definitely be talked about more.

This recent boon is fantastic, and seeing this III video has got me all sorts of giddy all over again. Who knows what it could be? Live video DVD? New EP? New CD (already?!). Either way, I’ll be watching the band like a hawk to see what they come up with. Right now, they’re busy with the Slings And Arrows tour, which is also the name of their newer song that has finally just started to spread.



  1. They’re awesome. Great live, too. Although I only saw them perform 4 songs. Apparently they explain what III is getting at in some magazine but I forgot which one. New album, please?

  2. It’s been known for awhile now that they had 75% of this album written after EOTE’s release.

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