Apr 222012

In celebration of yesterday’s fifth annual Record Store Day, various people have made metal available for free download. For example, the organizer of the Death Metal Decapitation 2 festival in Toronto (scheduled to explode on May 4), Blacktooth Entertainment, has put together a free compilation of music from extreme bands who will be playing at the fest. The line-up includes Toronto’s Nephelium, an excellent band who we’ve previously featured at NCS. The comp includes two songs from Nephelium’s new album, Coils of Entropy.

Also on the comp are two tracks from a Montreal band named Derelict, who are also excellent (and we’ll be reviewing their new release, Perpetuation, shortly). We haven’t yet explored the music of the other bands on the comp — Deamon (Ottawa), The Unborn Dead (Toronto), and Blastmycosis (Toronto) — but this comp will make it easy to do that. To stream the music and download it for free, use this link:  http://blacktoothmay4.bandcamp.com/

But wait, there’s more! Free music from The Neologist and Dreaming Dead . . . after the jump.

DGR has sung the praises of The Neologist both at The Number of the Blog and here at NCS. Previously, they released an album of their own music and one covers album of In Flames tunes. They’re currently working on their second album plus a Soilwork covers album.

This morning I got an e-mail from DGR alerting me to the fact that The Neologist have made a new song called “A Call To Harms” available for free download (“name your price” at Bandcamp). The download also includes a teaser track for the new album. Go here to get that shit:


Here’s the new song:

April 20 was the official release date for the long-awaited second album by LA’s Dreaming Dead, who we’ve featured frequently at this site. Yesterday, the band made Midnightmares available for free download for one day only. If I’d been faster on the draw, I’d have posted about it then. But it turns out that three songs from the album can still be downloaded for free. To do that, use this link:


If you’d like to spread the word about any other free music that you’ve seen recently, please leave a Comment — and enjoy the rest of your fucking day.


  13 Responses to “FREE SHIT FOR SUNDAY!”

  1. God everything about dreaming dead makes me so happy.

  2. Looks like those three DD songs are no longer up for free download. Curse you facebook, for not putting their post in my newsfeed on Record Store Day!

  3. I was just checking into Derelict a bit further, actually. Canada seems to be pumping out excellent tech-death bands like they’ve got a factory or something.

    • We do, it runs off maple syrup, poutine, flannel and real beer. 😀

      Thanks for finding this Islander! Now I have something to do on May 4th.

    • It’s true. Canadians seem like such honest, nice people, just trying to live their lives and let other people live theirs . . . but then you discover they have that tech-death factory and they’re really trying to take over the world. Gives me the shivers.

      • That politeness and odd pronunciation of words like “about” is all a facade for something much more sinister.

        • Yeah, and they pay for people’s health care, too. Proof positive that they’re aliens bent on turning ordinary humans into feedstock. We’d be safer if we just nuked the whole country and let god sort ’em out.

  4. Don’t forget to tag this with “free shit”.

  5. dude Derelict’s new record is awesome!!!! and yes got to love NCS free shit!!!!!!

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