Apr 222012

Yesterday, I pulled together music from three old-school death metal bands who’ve been honing their craft for about two decades each. Today, we’re dealing with death again, but these are much younger bands and their linkage to death comes more from their choice of names than from the style of metal they play. But listen, although it may not be steeped in pus and corpse-meat stew, it’s still mighty tasty.

Both Deathember (Sweden) and Deals Death (Sweden again) are bands we’ve covered before at NCS, and both of them have recently released new videos that are worth seeing and hearing.


We first encountered Deathember in October 2010, featuring a brief review of their first EP in one of our MISCELANNY posts. Last November, they released a second EP with the title of A Thousand Flatlines. It includes six songs and is available via iTunes, Amazon mp3, and the band’s BigCartel site.

Yesterday, they premiered their first music video for one of the new songs — “Scapegoat”. The band and their friends financed and made the video themselves, and especially for a “homemade” project, it’s unusually well done. It’s devoted to the band performing the song, and the performance looks like I imagined it would from listening to their music — a balls-to-the-wall blast of screaming fun.

That’s really what I’ve felt from the beginning about Deathember’s music — it’s just fun — the kind of fun you might have if you were strapped on the back of a famished cheetah going about 100 mph and trying to get you off your back so he could eat your head, along with your soft parts. You fly, you want to mosh, you get some electric charges through your nether bits, you get a breakdown, you want to mosh some more, you get some fuckin’ flash-fired rock ‘n’ roll at regular moments. You get some goddamned ENERGY!

You can find Deathember on Facebook here.


Almost exactly one year ago, we featured this band and a video for the song “Fortified” at NCS. Since then, they’ve been signed by Spinefarm Records, and their debut album Elite was finally released last month.

Now we have another video. This song is “Collapse”, but it’s like the opposite of a collapse. It’s like a high-energy expansion — a blast-wave of Scandinavian melodic death flowing out from an ignition point, with heat and vibrating pulses leveling those frail structures that stand in its way.

It’s like Deathember’s music in this sense: Not because it’s the same style at all, but because it pushes all those”Fuckitall, let’s headbang!” buttons.

Yeah, and I bet the chicks still get moist in their jeans over Olle Ekman’s sinews. But shit, flaunt it if you got it.


Deals Death’s Facebook page is right here.


  1. The name ‘Deathember’ realllllllly makes it sound like you have a bad lisp.

  2. The singer for Deathmember kinda reminded me of a preppy Johnny Rotten. Without the track marks. (I’m assuming. I wasn’t looking that closely…)

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