Sep 052013

The last time we featured Gothenburg’s Deals Death (here) was way back in April 2012. Their debut album on the Spinefarm label (Elite) had recently been released and they had just premiered a video for the song “Collapse”. In typically eloquent fashion, I wrote that “it pushes all those ‘Fuckitall, let’s headbang!’ buttons.”

Now we have a new video, and a new album on the way, with a September 13 European release date. The album is named Point Zero Solution, and the video is for the title track. And guess what? It pushes all those headbang buttons again.

The video was directed by Patric Ullaeus, who’s a real pro at this kind of thing, so it’s a slick production. Lots of fireballs and contrasts between light and shadow, and of course plenty of opportunities to admire (or get jealous over) frontman Olle Ekman’s impressive physique. The song plays to Deals Death’s strengths, which is to say it’s a thundering gallop of wild-eyed, flame-maned Gothenburgian stallions, all pounding hooves and compulsive riffs, with Ekman’s glass-scraping howls and brief keyboard notes rising above the fray. Continue reading »

Apr 222012

Yesterday, I pulled together music from three old-school death metal bands who’ve been honing their craft for about two decades each. Today, we’re dealing with death again, but these are much younger bands and their linkage to death comes more from their choice of names than from the style of metal they play. But listen, although it may not be steeped in pus and corpse-meat stew, it’s still mighty tasty.

Both Deathember (Sweden) and Deals Death (Sweden again) are bands we’ve covered before at NCS, and both of them have recently released new videos that are worth seeing and hearing.


We first encountered Deathember in October 2010, featuring a brief review of their first EP in one of our MISCELANNY posts. Last November, they released a second EP with the title of A Thousand Flatlines. It includes six songs and is available via iTunes, Amazon mp3, and the band’s BigCartel site.

Yesterday, they premiered their first music video for one of the new songs — “Scapegoat”. The band and their friends financed and made the video themselves, and especially for a “homemade” project, it’s unusually well done. It’s devoted to the band performing the song, and the performance looks like I imagined it would from listening to their music — a balls-to-the-wall blast of screaming fun. Continue reading »

Apr 272011

Deals Death is a melodic death-metal band from — where else — Gothenburg, Sweden. I first heard about them last September when Death Metal Baboon posted a track called “Fortified”, which Deals Death had recorded in 2010 as part of an album called Elite (their second full-length). Not long after hearing that song (which I though rocked the fuck out), I saw that the band had decided to scrap all of the recordings for Elite and to have them re-mixed by none other than Jonas Kjellgren of Scar Symmetry.

Deals Death now reports that the re-mix is finished, the album artwork is complete, and they’re “considering different options” for the release of Elite. I would like to suggest, as one option, that they release the album to me so that I can listen to all of it. I think this is an excellent option, because I’ve now heard the re-mixed version of “Fortified” and it’s my kinda thang — thrash-paced melodic death metal with a catchy melody, infectious grooves hammered out by the rhythm instruments, and a vein-bursting screamer.

I’ve heard that remixed song, not because I’m special or anything, but because Deals Death just released a music video for “Fortified”. It’s a professionally filmed video of the band performing the song and looks good. I predict the ladies are going to like shirtless vocalist Olle Ekman. No slight intended to the other dudes in Deals Death, but Olle has clearly been putting in some time at the gym.  Check out the vid after the jump, and get prepared to bang yo fucken head. Continue reading »