Apr 302012

May 8 is the official North American release date for the fantastic new album by Gorod, A Perfect Absolution. Our man groverXIII reviewed that album for NCS here, calling it “the best tech-death album of a year that’s been very, very good for tech-death.”

And because groverXIII is a full-service blogger, he also promptly alerted us to the fact that about an hour ago Gorod released an official video for “The Axe of God”, a song that features Michael Keene of The Faceless on the song’s second guitar solo.

The video is basically performance footage shot from different angles. The song comes close to epitomizing what makes Gorod special in the world of tech death: As grover noted in his review, they have a knack for writing and performing songs that are both amazingly intricate and amazingly catchy, with memorable melodies. Check out “The Axe of God” after the jump.


  1. Also, stay tuned… a Gorod interview is forthcoming!

  2. That video was sick but that crowd was laaame.

    • Gorod are too humble to admit it, but this was a charity show at a coma ward.

    • I agree that Gorod is totally sick. As for the crowd, it looks perfect to me, since there were no goddam jump-kicking teenagers or fat dudes with dad/anger issues in evidence. i know we’re all supposed to be ‘tough guys’ because we listen to metal, but for faks sake, can a dude just watch a band he likes from close enough to see what the guitar player is doing without having to take krav maga lessons?

      • “krav maga lessons” +1

        I just wanted to see some headbanging. Maybe the crowd was just transfixed by the awesomeness of the playing.

      • Dave’s not wrong. Though I also prefer a bit of crowd interaction. More the type that seems like people are being drawn into the music against their will. So that irresistible wave of headbanging and movement that shows people can’t contain their energy… not a crowd who are literally just waiting for an opportunity to show off their “sweet moves”.

        If you’re just waiting for one part of a song so you can go “sick-house in the pit, bro” then you, sir (or madam, no prejudice here)… are a cunt.

        • Valid arguments, but if you just have a bunch of dudes mildly headbanging and stoking their beards instead of actually moving to the music (pardon the cliche) then you have a pretty lame show. IMO.

          • Hey, I never said ‘mild’… I referenced uncontainable energy!

          • I totally get it, and in many cases agree. Hell i even enjoy moshing. I was definitely having a reactionary moment after receiving a blow to the head a few nights ago. my gripe isn’t motion/energy/headbanging, all of which are totally sweet – it’s just when self-defence becomes necessary and people don’t pick each other up, it sours the show for me. also, i think with some techier or more complex metal, it is totally easier to get transfixed, as islander says, rather than move.

  3. gorod is one band that should get more recognition!!!!

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