May 112012

True story:  I tried to roller skate once.  It didn’t end well.  I kind of careened all over the place, totally out of control, veering in one direction and then another.  Eventually I came to rest — on my ass, with a severely sprained ankle.  It was a hell of an adrenaline rush, followed by a fuckton of pain.

The point of this post is to throw some music your way to help you skid into the weekend ahead, to get some adrenaline pumping, and to bring the pain.


We know Joel Grind can thrash. He’s the driving force behind Portland’s one-man wrecking machine, Toxic Holocaust, a “band” that quite effectively churns out a holocaust of punk/thrash mayhem. Now we can hear a slightly different side of Mr. Grind.

He has a one-man side project called Yellowgoat and has finished recording a 9-track album under that name. Yesterday he put up on the Tube of You an 8-minute preview of the album, with excerpts from the songs. Based on those previews, I’d describe the music as a nasty, fuzzed-out fusion of black thrash, d-beat, and punk — a throwback to the early days of black metal. It makes sense that he picked a name that pretty obviously came from the cover of Bathory’s first album.

The music is vicious, raw, and thoroughly energizing. So get this skate show on the road by rockin’ out to the Yellowgoat album preview right after the jump, and after that you’ll see some of Joel’s comments about this project.


Comments from Joel Grind about the Yellowgoat project:

“The new project I’m working on is called YELLOWGOAT.

I dedicate that one to you know who.
1966-2004 R.I.P.

Everything is mixed and now it just needs to be sequenced and mastered. Just got insanely evil art work from Chris Moyen too.

Expect raw and filthy metal just like my favorite records and demo’s. Names like Von, Beherit, Voor, Bathory, and Sodom come to mind. Reverb, Fuzz and Acid.”

Let’s see now, what next? How about this:


Last December, we did a mini-series about bands fronted by female growlers. One of them was an English outfit named Winds of Genocide. At the time, the word was that they had signed a record deal with the Pulverised label (home of sweet bands such as Desultory, Interment, Impiety, Bastard Priest, and Morbus Chron). I’ve now got a few Winds of Genocide updates.

First, they’re making progress on the recording of their first album for Pulverised, Usurping the Throne of Disease. Second, they’ve recently received work-in-progress artwork for the album cover from one of my favorite metal artists, Mark Riddick. Check this out:

Nice and grisly, huh?

And third, they’ve uploaded for streaming a track from their last release — a split entitled Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos with Abigail (a Japanese band), which is out now on Witchhammer Productions.

The song is called “Murderous Bloodthirst”, and it makes a nice companion for that Yellowgoat track. It’s a distorted piece of crust-punk d-beat death metal illness. Short and savage, it features vocals that I guarantee you wouldn’t guess were being delivered by a woman (in this case, Kat Shevil). Here you go:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Winds of Genocide is on Facebook. Next . . .


I told you this would be like erratic skating. Here, I’m veering over into doomy stoner-metal material. Last September I reviewed Malva — the debut album by a Swedish band named One Inch Giant (here). Since then, One Inch Giant have been up to all sorts of mischief, including recording a medley of 10 different Black Sabbath songs as a tribute to Tony Iommi in his fight against cancer.

The Black Sabbath medley will appear on an Ozzy tribute album being released by Versailles Records on June 5. The album title is No More Tears: A Millennium Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne – 1971-2012. It’s got an eye-catching line-up of participants. You can visit Versailles at this location for more info about that. And if you’re new to One Inch Giant, more info about them is available on their Facebook page.

Now, here’s  OIG’s Black Sabbath covers medley, which is really well done:


Continuing to veer around, we run into this, which is what put me on my figurative ass . . .


I don’t think I knew anything about this Icelandic band until a couple of hours ago. Their name came up in a comment by Kazz on one of today’s earlier posts (here) about metal band names. You can probably guess why their name might have been mentioned in that post.

Anyway, with a name like that, I couldn’t resist hunting for some of their music. The first thing I found was an official video for a single called “Spawn of Disgust” that was released in 2007. By watching the video, I learned that when people in Iceland smoke weed, it produces homicidal behavior.

I also learned that Severed Crotch can play some mean tech-death, and I’m talking about tech-death on the brutal end of the scale. Chunky, acidic, impressively executed, this is a very nice song. There’s more about Severed Crotch on Facebook here. It appears they released their debut album, The Nature of Entropy, in 2010. If you’ve heard that album, please leave a comment and let us know what you think. Here’s the vid:



  1. Lol. I thought the One Inch Giant photo was of Winds of Genocide, first I couldn’t find the female vocalist, then I realized, this band doesn’t look like a band called Winds of Genocide… the smiles and clothing style sort-of gave it away.

    Before Som I don’t think I thought I could find any worthwhile female metal vocalist (especially in the extreme metal category), maybe I thought there were a few good ones, but not in any band that really interested me I suppose. Now after I found Som it’s as if nothing can live up to my expectations. That vocalist of Winds of Genocide sounded rather good for a female extreme vocalist, but she still doesn’t top Som. Not only that but I still have that mini-crush for you-know-who (what non-misogynistic male metalhead of the brutal death/slam-loving variety doesn’t?).

    Somewhat on the topic of Bathory, but I think Rotting Christ in particular were influenced by the mighty Quorthon, especially when it comes to lyrical themes, there are a couple similarities I found, there’s a Bathory tape called “In Nomine Sathanas” and there’s a Rotting Christ song called “In Domine Sathanas” I don’t know what “nomine” means, however, I think I get the gist of the RC song title, but there’s no denying they sound alike when pronounced aloud (if I’m pronouncing correctly). Also, there’s a Bathory song called “Born For Burning” and during the chorus of “The Sign of Prime Creation” you can hear “here you have just, born for burning, born for dying”. Interesting, eh? Sorry I never stop going on about Rotting Christ and Cattle Decap. I suppose I’m in a frenzy for both right now, especially the latter considering their recent release (WHICH IS SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD).

    Also, Toxic Holocaust is a one-piece band?

    • And yet another long comment. Sorry once more.


      By the way, I’m not that familiar with Bathory’s sound, so I can’t say whether the songs sound alike as well. I hope they don’t for obvious reasons…

    • When they perform live, Toxic Holocaust is a three-piece, but my understanding is that Joel Grind does everything on the recordings.

      I think you must be right about the Quorthon influence on RC. In Nomine Sathanas means “in the name of Satan”. I had to look up “domine”, but the RC title seems to mean “Satan in the Lord”.

      • Ah, I thought “In Domine Sathanas” would’ve mean “Satan Empowered” or “Satan’s Domination” or something like that.

    • Dammit..I have a post Im slowly working through for this site that should give you a couple of different bands with female leads. If I ever manage to sit my ass down and type it out I think you’ll find some good stuff

      • We shall see! 🙂

      • I do enjoy Worm Ouroboros, nothing harsh as far as I’ve heard, but the singer doesn’t go all operatic, and while I like operatic vocals, I think female vocalists overdo it in metal. I enjoy the vocals of the girl from Sister Sin as well now that I think of it.

        By the way, why isn’t there a page for Worm on MA? Do they not fit the metal criteria?

      • Well get on that dude! I want to see it.

  2. Weird coincidence. The only material from Severed Crotch I’ve heard is The Nature of Entropy and I thought it was quite good. It’s tech death with some progressive flourishes and it does a good job of keeping your interest throughout the album by trying some new things. They’re also not the most weedily band out there, and that helps when youre looking for something in the songs to really grab onto.

    • Disregard that first sentence. Dunno why I thought this was a tour or something. Anyway I’ll have to check out Winds of Genocide now, that song ripped.

      • So when you said “weird”, I thought you were referring to the fact that although you were the person who turned me on to this band, the one Severed Crotch song I stumbled on was one you hadn’t heard.

  3. Going drinking at a roller derby this weekend, well timed post good sir.

    • OK, now here’s a coincidence: I commute to my day job on a ferry boat that crosses Puget Sound. Yesterday before I wrote this post, I talked with a woman I know who’s also a ferry-boat commuter, and she’s on a roller derby team. She fucked up her knee a couple of months ago and hasn’t been able to roll, but she’s all better now and ready to get back in action. I’ve never been to a live roller derby match, but I’m definitely going to go see one soon when she’s playing. So that’s what put roller skating in my head before I wrote this post. Yeehah!

      • It was one helluva a good time. Although anything that involves drinking, hollering and watching women in skimpy outfits hit each other on roller skates works in my book.

  4. thanks for the continued support No Clean Singing!!! We haven’t started recording the album yet, still in the process of writing material for it but we are making good progress on that! Apokalyptic Hails!

  5. Im getting a teeny problem. I cant get my reader to pick-up your rss feed, Im using google reader by the way.

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