May 232012

Last night I didn’t quite finish the review with which I had planned to start our posting day at NCS before running out of gas. The fact that I spent most of the night drowning my sorrows in whiskey with some friends may have had something to do with that. So, I need a little time to (a) pound coffee, (b) continue writing my review, (c) pound coffee, and (d) pound more coffee.

In the meantime, please amuse yourselves by watching Ken Bedene. He used to be the drummer for Abigail Williams and is now the drummer for Belgium’s Aborted. The two videos after the jump were originally posted by Sick Drummer magazine. They were filmed during Aborted’s performance at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on May 8. The two songs are “Источник Болезни (The Origin Of Disease)” from Aborted’s 2012 album, Global Flatline, and “The Holocaust Incarnate” from Engineering the Dead (2001).

Ken Bedene is amazing. He appears to be part cybernetic metronome, part wolverine in full attack mode, and part Zen monk. Watching these videos means I need less coffee to wake up, which means less time peeing, which means more time pounding the keyboard, which means I should be back soon with that review. Enjoy Ken Bedene and Aborted.




  6 Responses to “WAKING UP WITH KEN BEDENE”

  1. Jogging helps too!

    • Shit dude, are you trying to kill me?

      • Nope, it was a genuine suggestion. Some mild exercise in the morning can go a long way in reducing the risk of heart diseases for old people!

        Since caffeine is pretty unhealthy too, I can suggest a breakfast of sandwiches stuffed with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and a few strips of bacon plus a cup of face-scrunching orange juice.

        • This may be good advice for old people, but what about a virile young stud like myself?

          Also, I’m not hungry in the mornings. Waking up is always traumatic, like the feeling of a newborn leaving the womb. I just want to scream and cry.

  2. Dude this and coffee will do the trick!!!!! some exercise would help as well. Anyway recover quick @islander

    • Thanks — I’m feeling almost like a human being again. Exercise does sound like a good idea now. I think I’ll do one deep knee bend before going back to the keyboard.

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