Jun 082012

(Here’s a bit of news from Andy Synn about two bands we’ve praised at NCS in the past.)

While I am beavering away on another full edition of The Synn Report (and also endeavouring to tweak the format a bit to find a balance between the original form and what it has become since it was started) I thought I’d drop you all another update on 2 bands, one a former Synn Report alumnus, the other a proto-Synn Report band whose write-up on NCS not only inspired me to start the column, but is also partially responsible for getting me the gig in the first place.


Norway’s Benea Reach, a band of whom I expect huge things in the upcoming years, have a new album (Possession) all but ready to be released and have put together a track sampler over on their Soundcloud page. Consecrated disciples of the Cult of Luna, their new album promises to be a collection of proggy atmospherics, oceanic post-Meshuggah dynamics, and raging, hardcore-derived belligerence. Just what the doctor ordered.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/48099557″ iframe=”true” /]


Not strictly a Synn Report band, it was Islander’s initial coverage of the group (found HERE) that inspired the idea and direction of the column. It was in fact myself who tipped Islander off about the band in my pre-NCS days, and due to what I can only assume to be severe cranial trauma, our glorious leader then invited me to participate, first with guest columns, then as a member of the site’s elite writing cadre.

In a nutshell, Martriden are a flawless mix of Emperor and Enslaved, without managing to sound derivative of either. Their debut EP, and two subsequent albums, remain in constant rotation on my playlist even today, and I’m still discovering more layers and nuances to each and every track.

A few days ago Martriden posted an update on their Facebook page stating only, “And so it begins…,” with the following video attached. I am literally wet with anticipation already.

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